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Email Hack ALERT!!!



There are few of these emails that are going around very similar to this here and what you're going to find is they don't have your email or password. That is a lie. What they do have though is a password to an account that you've used on a website in the past.

This could be any sort of website you signed up for. A newsletter or anything like that. Websites get hacked. Companies get hacked. It's inevitable that sometime in the future a big company or a small company that you know will get hacked. Dropbox has been hacked, Sony has been hacked, eBay's been hacked. Huge companies get hacked, small companies get hacked. 

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What these people are preying on is actually something that I brought up in the last newsletter which you can do a lookup on the website, have I been pwned?

What they're preying on is you don't change passwords. If you don't change passwords and you get something like this which has your password in it, you freak out. They continue on to explain that they put malicious code in your operating system and that you're a disgusting person and you shock of the reach of your fantasies. The emails then goes onto say that they have all your contacts and they're going to spread that around everywhere and make you feel like an idiot.

Websites get hacked. Companies get hacked

What's to be learned from this? Change your password regularly. That's a big one. Make sure you change your password. You look at this and go, "Oh, that's a password I used two years ago. Clearly not right. What's go with this?" And you just ignore it. If you don't change your password regularly, you're going to stress out. You're not going to know what's going on and you're going to contact your IT company and they're going to explain to you what I've just said to you already.

Change Your Passwords

Keep on top of changing your password. If you do get an email like this, they have genuinely got a password from a website that they have hacked that you have signed up for in the past. It's very unlikely that they've got access to your computer. It's very unlikely that they've got access to your contact list and it's hopefully it's very unlikely that you're going to send them some dollars in bitcoin. For this one, $105 is a nice price to pay for your data.

If you don't do it, they're going to delete the password and then release of the data in 48 hours. Don't fall to trap. Change your password and you know this is just a bogus email. If you don't change your password, you're going to stress out. If you do change your password, you're not going to stress out. Keep your passwords secure. As I said in the last newsletter, we had a have I been pwned site which is a fantastic site that we've promoted in there that you can do a checkup to see how many different websites have been broken into that have your details.

The Final Word

Keep an eye on that website. If you'd like to know more information about potentially how to keep your password secure, let us know. Most of the time, just use a password manager. Be smart about what you do with your passwords. Don't tell other people your passwords. Don't sign up for shit you don't need. Anyway, hopefully this has been helpful. Stay good!

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