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How to get Faster internet? NewZealand is kicking our Ass!

New Zealanders are making the right choice with their internet speeds now becoming upwards of 20 times the speeds of what we have as an average in Australia. It is widening the gap and limiting what us Aussies can achieve.

In the time it takes to fly to NZ and back for some legit Fush and Chups you can download every current season of Game Of Thrones in crisp as quality.

To put this in perspective for our Aussie connections, if you drove your car at 100 km per hour nonstop and aimed to go around the entire perimeter of Australia you would be back home before the download would be complete.

For years we have been told our far spread nation limits the 'speed' of how ‘fast’ we can unroll the network. But this is simply untrue given the population difference and areas of density of us vs our East, East Australian counterparts with a similar flag.

The biggest issue we face is trying to copy the big boy countries that have decent infrastructure, we want all the mod cons with Cloud this and offsite that, but our Australian network does not allow for the same quality of service that you would want to run a business on. The ISP’s know this! in fact most of them do not back their NBN connections with any business level service agreement.

While this is most upsetting for us Aussies there is little we can do about it.

Now we know all the gloom and doom of our tin can internet let’s look at what we can do about it and who the best suppliers are right now.

As much as you might not have expected this, Optus is actually the faster choice for fixed lines in Australia, while Telstra takes the cake for Mobile with Vodafone coming in second for your cat videos on the go.

This is a National result and your mileage may vary, the best you can do is make sure you are with a provider that gives you the best speed for your area. You can do a lookup using tools like ADSL2 Exchanges, it works for all fixed ADSL and NBN connections.

For the moment NewZalendars will still be able to order their new pair of Jandals faster than you can order your Chips Bro. I guess this shows that besides GST, maybe there is a few other things we need to be taking advice from when it comes to New Zealand.


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