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Business Tips to Help You Get Ahead of the Competition

It’s important for business owners to understand the ins and outs of operating a business. Read on for some business tips and best practices that you can take advantage of.

Managing Your Team With Todd Pavlou

Todd Pavlou, Business Built Freedom PodcastThe role of a manager is not easy. You will be responsible for your work alone and for leading and motivating your team to accomplish the organization's goals. So how to go about being a great manager who displays authority and leadership? Others may say that maintaining good communication among your members is the most effective way to build a strong team because employees always want to be kept in the loop about any ongoing projects and activities and as a leader, it's important that you communicate with them well and have them informed all the time. Note that you must encourage creativity and ensure that everyone is clear about what is expected of them. In this episode, Todd Pavlou shares tips about how to manage your team effectively.  

How to Reach Your Target Audience With Mike Maynard

How to Reach Your Target Audience With Mike MaynardYou might be thinking now that a lot of us are working from home how do we reach the right audience? Before COVID-19, you could meet people by doing lunch meetings and networking things where you might be able to find the right person interested in your product or service.

Now, everything is different, and we've got Mike Maynard here from NapierB2B to talk about some solutions to help us find the right audience and reach them from home. 

How To Relay Your Message To Customers With Krista Ripma

business tips, operating a business, best practices, get ahead of the competition Business TipsThe way you communicate with your customers will have an impact on your brand. The consistent delightful communication you build with your clients can deliver customer satisfaction. To convey information and be able to receive feedback from your customers would be the most challenging part of running an entire business and If you want o make a difference in this field, you must use an authentic approach when delivering a message. Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Maintaining a remarkable branding, consistent tone and positive language may help you in keeping your strong relationship with your clients, but most importantly, keeping your word and integrity would be the most effective way. In this episode, Krista Ripma from Authentic Audience shares some tips on how to relay your message to customers.

All Things Franchising With Lance Graulich

Lance_GraulichIf buying an existing business doesn't sound appealing or starting from scratch sounds a bit intimidating, then franchising might be the right choice for you. Franchising is when a franchisee (business buyer) will pay the initial fee to a franchisor (franchise seller). In return, the franchisee will gain the use of a trademark and of course the ongoing support from the franchisor. It has to have the appropriate use of the franchisor's system on how to do the business esp when selling its product and services. There are pros and cons in franchising. Its strength is the ability to bring independent retailers together by using a single trademark of business. Franchising brings benefits such as brand awareness, effective advertising and uniformity. In this episode, we have Lance Graulich, CEO of ION Franchising, and he will discuss the know-about of business franchising. 

Cash Flow Forecasting With Louise Delaney

business tips, operating a business, best practices, get ahead of the competition Business TipsWhat is cash flow forecasting and why it is relevant? Cashflow forecasting is a process of obtaining an estimated company's future financial position. It involves the core planning component of financial management within the organization. The main goal of cash flow forecasting is to ensure that the business has a sustainable cash flow to meet its obligations and avoid financial issues in the long run. Interest and debt reduction, short term liquidity planning and long term planning are some of the reasons why companies should set up a cash flow forecasting process. In this episode, we have Louise Delaney, the founder of Cash Flows For you to share some tips about cash flow forecasting and effective financial management. 

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