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Business Tips to Help You Get Ahead of the Competition

It’s important for business owners to understand the ins and outs of operating a business. Read on for some business tips and best practices that you can take advantage of.

Business Asset Protection With Jason Popelier

Business Asset Protection With Jason Popelier

Operating your own business is very challenging. There's no guarantee that it will succeed. Some identified risks include loss of a regular paycheck, loss of personal money or not having steady cash flow at all. That's why it is essential that as a business owner, you have the right planning techniques on how to protect your business assets. The fundamental of asset protection starts with simply implementing an affordable, tried-and-tested strategy and building simple habits. The aspect of preparing your business for the greater risk is often overlooked by some business owners who are unaware of the underlying risks that can harm their business. You must understand these risks and the science behind how to deal with them. In this episode, Jason Popelier, a Business and Corporate Adviser for SMEs with over 10 years of experience, tells us more about business asset protection.

Staying Efficient in Business With Sarah Stein

Staying Efficient in Business With Sarah Stein

Although your company is running smoothly, you can still make things better. Ensuring the efficiency within your business will play a vital role in your future success. The more your business gets bigger, the more you have to consider several factors in keeping your settings efficient and productive. We can't avoid situations like, a project gets hung up for a few days, or some meetings that once felt productive seems to drag on for hours, but as a business owner, you have to keep in mind that getting that traction and focus back in place should be your main priority. Feedback from experts and employees are also relevant to the process. So in this episode, Sarah Steins shares her thoughts on how to stay efficient in your business. 

What Is IT Lifecycle Management and Why Should You Care?

What Is IT Lifecycle Management and Why Should You Care?

What Is IT Lifecycle Management and Why Should You Care?

Getting people and equipment to accomplish common business goals is not an easy task. Management makes this work easier by keeping track of everything. As the digitization of business increased so did the use of technology. Keeping track of all the IT assets became mandatory for survival. In the quest for gaining technological superiority, IT lifecycle management became an area of focus.


The Business Data Revolution With Emily Ridley

The Business Data Revolution With Emily Ridley

Worldwide access to enormous and vast amounts of data has changed the business landscape. Competitive marketing depends now on knowing how to manage, process, and analyze that data. As a business owner, it is very important that you understand the path organizations which need to be taken from collecting data and how to maximizing its use.

As we all know, today’s organizations are undergoing a challenging transformation process around their technical systems. The static software platforms that might have retained, stored and processed a business’ data are no longer sustainable in the current web environment. Enterprises must need cutting-edge technology to collect big data in real-time, analyze that data, and get the information they need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. In today's episode, Emily Ridley shares her ideas about business data revolution.

Finding Content for Your Podcast

Finding Content For Your Podcast

The purpose of setting up your podcast is to address the needs of your audience. Your podcast topics can be about the challenges that your audience wants to overcome, a problem to solve or a subject with which they want to be more familiar. But there are cases that your audience just wants to be entertained or distracted for a while. This will only mean that when you choose a podcast topic, you have to know your audience's primary needs and how you can be of service to them. To make a podcast work, you must care about your podcast idea and pick a topic that you are passionate about. A podcaster will just fall off consistently publishing a new episode if he or she is not excited to put forth the effort. In this episode, Joshua Lewis shares his ideas on how to find the best content for your podcast. 

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