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Online Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand

The World Wide Web is like a vast marketplace. Online stores are everywhere, and the competition for the consumer’s attention and customer retention is challenging. Learn how you can market your products and services better than ever and create a world-class brand.

Understanding Branding and Marketing With Susan Meier

intro image Susan MeierBranding is a marketing practice by which a company creates a name or a design that is identifiable to consumers. This helps your business to be differentiated from your competitors. Your branding should leave a memorable impression on customers and it should clarify the services you offer. As an entrepreneur, your branding should also represent you and how you wish to be perceived. This is absolutely critical to your business because of its overall impact and how it can drive new business and increase brand awareness. Always remember that your company's advertising, customer service, reputation and logo should be continuously developing to attract more consumers. In this episode, Susan Meier shares her expertise when it comes to branding and marketing strategies. 

How to Measure Online Advertising Campaign Results

How to Measure Online Advertising Campaign ResultsMeasurement is the primary key to optimizing a business' process, and marketing campaigns are no exception. The sooner you establish the key performance indicators for your marketing campaigns, the earlier you can see what works for you and what doesn't. Today, we're talking about measuring your campaign results, and you might be thinking like, "What does that even mean? What's a campaign?" Well, in its core form a campaign is anything as simple as just a link, a URL to a webpage that you might send to a few people, and you want to see how many people have clicked on that. So measuring your campaign results could be just putting a link in a description for a Facebook post, and when people click on it.

The Most Effective Way to Draw People to Your Business

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Now Bubble O' Bill, Buffalo Bill, you know the ice cream guy, had an early life fighting in the Civil War and against the Indian population. He grew famous for his endeavours, but he was remembered now because he began a stage show called Buffalo Bill's Wild West. They toured the US, Britain and Europe and helped set the tone for how the Wild West has been portrayed in movies ever since, but the real Old West was a lot less exciting.

This Is How Website Redirects Work

This is How Website Redirects Work

Websites grow over time, and as you add more pages and organize your platform, you might start making changes that may include changing the names of your pages such as changing your About Me page to About Us because now you have a team. That might also mean changing the URL and the need to set up redirects. A website redirect will ensure that when someone types in or click on the original URLs, they will be redirected to the new page you set the redirection instead and that your visitors won't end up on a 404 error page. This will keep you from losing the value of these links you've built and will contribute to the high-quality experience of your clients and users. For anyone who runs a website and implements a page-by-page basis, they will find something relevant for search engine optimization. In this episode, Joshua Lewis shares his insights about how website redirects work. 

Amazing Marketing Automation With Avon Collis

Amazing Marketing Automation With Avon Collis

Most of you have read a lot about automation here and how great it is for your business. After all, automation revolves around making sure that you've got a process that works. In this episode, Avon Collis from Relevate shares amazing marketing automation while keeping it human, such as a bot that's not trying to talk or sound like a human but just trying to understand the human process that they go through, because we should never automate the human elements. A huge part of automation is people who are doing bits and pieces to ensure that the processes don't break. In other cases, it goes the other way around. The process is there to make sure the human doesn't break. Listen to the podcast to learn more about marketing and automation. 

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