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Online Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand

The World Wide Web is like a vast marketplace. Online stores are everywhere, and the competition for the consumer’s attention and customer retention is challenging. Learn how you can market your products and services better than ever and create a world-class brand.

How to Promote Your Website Youtube Channel or Podcast

How to Promote Your Website Youtube Channel or Podcast

How to Promote Your Website Podcast or Youtube Channel

As you now know, content is king. The leaders in our industry, and not just our industry now, but historically our leaders forever have always been the ones that had content, the ones that had the hold of the content were the ones that were leading the nations. You need to make sure you've got great quality content and you've got something for people to come to your site and see. Today we're going to be talking about, instead of content and creation, we're going to be talking about how to get that in front of people's eyes.

How to Use Influence and Grow Your Business?

How to Use Influence and Grow Your Business?

Santa Fe was founded by the Spanish in 1610, and it's the oldest state capitol in the US. One of the great things about this area is there are so many different influences: the Spanish founders, the Tiwa people who were the natives, Europeans, and modern Mexicans. It makes for a fantastic city! 

How to Find Content for Your Podcast or Website

How to Find Content for Your Podcast or Website

Content, content, content. Content is king and ultimately if you want to get anywhere with your website or with any of the stuff that you're producing, you need content and you need great quality content. I'm going to be talking about how to find content for those podcasts and this will also relate to content for blogs, content for YouTube videos, content for anything and everything. So stay tuned. This is the way it's going to work.

How to Market Your Business and When Not to Advertise Online

How to Market Your BusinessSocial Network 

Let's talk about how to market your business. Everyone knows the different mediums that are out there and the big buzz word is social media at the moment. The truth is it is a fantastic medium to market your business but is it the right medium for you? Now I don't know the business you're in and if I did, that would be creepy because I haven't met you and if I have met you and you're watching my podcast, thank you very much. Share it with your friends. Nevertheless, I don't know the business that you're in most likely so you need to try and work out what's the best medium for you.

All About Website Platform Migration: Guide and Strategy

Website Platform Migration: Guide and StrategyWebsite Platform Migration: Guide and Strategy

Today I'm going to talk about website migration, and it's not the type of website migration where you're going from one host to another. Generally speaking, that's pretty straightforward and only requires potentially relicensing of software that you're using. What we're going be talking about is migrating platforms. So you might be on Joomla and you migrate into WordPress; you're on WordPress, you're migrating to Joomla. Or, you're just migrating to a really, really new version of WordPress and you're on a really, really old version. Or, you might not even know what WordPress and Joomla are, and you just know that you're changing and getting a new website. Either way, if you've had any sort of traffic, you want to make sure that you are capturing those leads.

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