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How is The Internet of Things Impacting Our Lives?

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How is the internet of things impacting our lives?

Now to start off, you have to understand what is the internet of things. In simple terms, any internet connected device that you have around your home that might be able to help you in some way is part of the internet of things. For instance, you can get light bulbs or locks for your doors, remote control gates, and a bunch of other different things that you can automate with your phone or any other devices that have the intention to make your life easier.

How to Stop Spam Emails This Holiday Season

How to Deal With Spam this Holiday Season

Did you know that billions of spam emails are sent daily? In September 2021 alone, reports say that nearly 106 billion emails were sent worldwide and 89 billion of them were spam emails.1 As Christmastime approaches, you're going to notice more spam emails coming in and perhaps you may also get spam mails. That's because these people want to market to you and they want to bombard you to make you buy the stuff you don't want or need. So how do you stop spam emails this holiday season? 

5 Ways to Work On Your Business This Holiday Season

 5 Ways to Work On Your Business This Holiday Season

A common belief is that everything slows down as the year-end approaches. People start leaving work early to catch up on last-minute shopping for Christmas and the New Year, fewer phone calls are attended because employees are either on leave or celebrating early, and new jobs are postponed until the new year starts. All these are indicators of slowing down. 

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