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Covid Created Customers With Julie Bannister

Covid Created Customers With Julie Bannister

In this episode, Julie Bannister from BforB shares with us how we could take advantage of the current pandemic when we cannot do face-to-face business networking⁠—when we have to pivot, to change, and go online. As Julie puts it, it's not the end and it doesn't mean we won't come out the other side of this pandemic or that we can't also grow in this time. In fact, many members of BforB have been looking at how they can take things online, sell their product online, or do other things so that they can stay afloat in this time. Julie has been doing some special stuff with businesses for years and several different flavours. She helps businesses grow and thrive. And who wouldn't want to grow and thrive at a time like now?

Computer Backups During Covid-19

Computer Backups During Covid-19

We're in unreal, crazy times at the moment, and it has to be said that a lot of people are regretting their move to the cloud. A lot of people are loving it as well because they're going, "Huh, you know what? Sweet. I'm in the cloud, this is great. I can access everything from home." It is good.

The problem that we've got is the loads that we've seen on the internet over the last few weeks haven't increased by 10% or 20% or 30%; it has increased by about 300%. And that means that we've seen lots of core business services going up and down, which is something that wouldn't happen if business owners spent the money on business-grade internet connections and kept their infrastructure local.

How to Set Your Pricing With Courtney Deagon

Courtney Deagon, Pricing Expert in Brisbane

Are your products overpriced? Does your service cost too much or too little? Most entrepreneurs will have that problem with pricing. How do we set our prices or rates? Is it what would cost us plus a percentage or do we look into the wilderness to see what our competitors have in there? Perhaps there's a formula to doing it right. Courtney Deagon, pricing expert and the CEO of Court & Co Value Group Pty Ltd, shares with us some great tips on setting the prices of our products or the rates of our services. 


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