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How to Find Ideal Clients With Paul Kennedy

How to Find Ideal Clients With Paul Kennedy

We all have clients. Sometimes we have great ones, and we call them our ideal clients. Other times we have some of the bottom-of-the-barrel, less-than-ideal clients. It might be a bit noisy or a bit squeaky, and frustratingly, the squeaky wheel gets the grease a lot of the time. Paul Kennedy from PGV Consulting will give us actionable tips on how to find ideal clients and remove the terrible ones.

Hiring Business Lawyers With Katie Richards

Hiring Business Lawyers With Katie Richards

Have you ever put yourself in a position where you're thinking, should I do that? Should I not do that? It might not even be something that you've done legally wrong; it might just be a situation where you're having a separation or whatnot. We've got Katie Richards from Law on Earth, and she's going to be talking to us about why and when you should hire a business lawyer. 

Improving Your Business Strategy With Jason Button

Improving Your Business Strategy With Jason Button and Josh Lewis

You might be wondering, how do you improve your business strategy? If you've already got a business plan or you want to improve your business plan, this is the episode for you. We've got Jason Button from JB Strategic to talk about improving your business strategy.

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