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Understanding Branding and Marketing With Susan Meier

intro image Susan MeierBranding is a marketing practice by which a company creates a name or a design that is identifiable to consumers. This helps your business to be differentiated from your competitors. Your branding should leave a memorable impression on customers and it should clarify the services you offer. As an entrepreneur, your branding should also represent you and how you wish to be perceived. This is absolutely critical to your business because of its overall impact and how it can drive new business and increase brand awareness. Always remember that your company's advertising, customer service, reputation and logo should be continuously developing to attract more consumers. In this episode, Susan Meier shares her expertise when it comes to branding and marketing strategies. 

Cash Flow Basics With Sarah Stein

Sarah SteinThe best way to make money through your business is to let your money work for you. This means that you are in control of your finances and continuously improve your business' financial stability and security. When you gain financial independence or build wealth through proper investment, you will finally have the freedom that everyone is aiming for. The first step is, you must consult someone who is an expert in financial management and discuss how to create a budget. You may need to adjust the budget monthly or quarterly depending on the ongoings and outgoings of your finances to account for large expenses and your spending habits. In this episode, we have Sarah Stein back again from Miss Efficiency talking about cash flow basics and why cash flow is important in your business.

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