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Mental Health, Personal Development and Not Burning Out

Running a company requires more than just business acumen. The attitude for success and ability to create positive business relations are also a must. Learn how you can become a better communicator, business owner, team leader, and innovator all for the purpose of attaining success.

Finishing Your Tasks With Tony Guarnaccia

Tony_Guarnaccia_intro_image.pngHave you ever wished that there are more hours in a day for you to get things done? Unfortunately, we can't stop the clock from ticking but we can have control over our productivity. To be more productive, you must plan your entire day ahead and make sure that you stick to the schedule. Waking up earlier, creating a daily to-do list and meditating will help you to make the most out it. The good news is, a company will experience an increase in profitability when its workers become more efficient and if it can produce goods and services. In this episode, we have Tony Guarnaccia, founder of will tell us about the system he's got called the Results Loop and how it can help profitable businesses to grow.

Are You a Leader? With Tim Spiker

Intro_image Time SpikerWithout the power of leadership, all other business elements lie dormant. Leadership is essential to govern the stability not only of the business structure but also its people's reliability to the company. Have you ever tried spotting the difference between a boss and a true leader? A boss micromanages and puts too much pressure on people while good leaders provide guidance. Managers should provide meaningful guidance, patience and advice to their employees. If you are a good leader, you should be a source of new learnings...not fear. You must have the initiative to help your people perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Competitive leaders can help maximize productivity and achieve their goals. In this episode, Tim Spiker, the founder of The Aperio and the Who* Not What Principle, shares his leadership tips and how to work it out. 

Why Are Smart People Smart and Dumb People Dumb?

Why Are Smart People Smart and Dumb People Dumb?

For some, having an omnipresent digital version of ourselves has been easy. Thanks to the pervasiveness of advance technology and wireless Internet, there is barely any question that goes unanswered and no demand for knowledge clarification is not affirmed. Because of the privilege of accessibility, we all feel that we are the go-to-person and we act as though we have been everywhere and that we have experienced everything. We forget that it is possible to recognize individual differences when it comes to learning ability. We must admit that many of us feel like we are left out or that we are having difficult times to catch up because we put limits on our potential. But there are ways to improve ourselves and learn new things. In this episode, Joshua Lewis shares with us how we can change up our personal choices to improve learning. 

The Art of Listening With Oscar Trimboli

The Art of Listening With Oscar Trimboli

Have you ever experienced attending a conference but you were on your mobile phone the whole time and was never connected with the speaker? Or maybe you experienced something similar like the person next to you was opening up about how his/her day went but you weren't listening and have missed most of the important points of the entire conversation. In this episode, Oscar Trimboli shares the methods and techniques we can apply to be a better listener. We will also discuss how listening can be a crucial part of being successful. 

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