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Mental Health, Personal Development and Not Burning Out

Running a company requires more than just business acumen. The attitude for success and ability to create positive business relations are also a must. Learn how you can become a better communicator, business owner, team leader, and innovator all for the purpose of attaining success.

Improving Communication With Marlise van der Merwe

Improving Communication Skills With Marlise  van der Merwe

G'day everyone out there. You might be wondering what we're going to be talking about today. Funny enough, it's exactly that: communication. We've got Marlise van der Merwe from the Alternative Board, and she's going to be talking about talking and body communication, verbal communication and the right time to communicate, how to communicate in business and why it's important.

How to Develop Leadership Skills With Tim Stokes

How to Become an Effective Leader With Tim Stokes and Josh Lewis

Have you been in a spot where you've wondered if you are a leader, how you can become a leader, what is a leader anyway? Have you been in a spot where you've wondered if you are a leader, how you can become a leader, what is a leader anyway? Tim Stokes from Profit Transformations discusses how you can become a leader, make sure you are developing your leadership skills, and you are continuing to develop leadership in your organisation. 

Finishing Your Tasks With Tony Guarnaccia

Tony_Guarnaccia_intro_image.pngHave you ever wished that there are more hours in a day for you to get things done? Unfortunately, we can't stop the clock from ticking but we can have control over our productivity. To be more productive, you must plan your entire day ahead and make sure that you stick to the schedule. Waking up earlier, creating a daily to-do list and meditating will help you to make the most out it. The good news is, a company will experience an increase in profitability when its workers become more efficient and if it can produce goods and services. In this episode, we have Tony Guarnaccia, founder of will tell us about the system he's got called the Results Loop and how it can help profitable businesses to grow.

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