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7 Steps to Building a Smart Business Engine With Luke Fatooros - Step 1: Optimise Your Mindset

Key Points:

We've all been in a spot in our business where we're trying to work out how to get from A to B or how to get to the next level. But what is the next level? How many levels are there?

Luke Fatooros from Ideas Into Business shares with us the 7 steps to building a smart business engine to give you time, money, and freedom.

Play and listen to the podcast below or scroll down below to learn how you can optimise your mindset, the first step to having a smart business engine.

1. Optimise Your Mindset

Luke: People have this business idea, but people focus on marketing strategies, negotiation, sales, systems, processes, etc. But there's a thing called you. We all have our own personal brands. People don't buy your products and services. They buy you. They buy the image that you are projecting. Every one of us projects a particular image that we think we need the world to see.

Relay that to buying a Samsung phone or an iPhone. The image was around the inspiration and message that Steve Jobs had. Who's the owner of Samsung?

Luke: Exactly. No one knows who arrived second on the moon.

dead end? optimise your mindsetEvery one of us has self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs. We might think we're marvellous, but the truth is we're actually not. You want to be the best version you can be of yourself and your business. How do your customers want to perceive you? You have to pay attention to that.

When I started my first business, we went from $1 million to $12 million in 5 years. That incredible growth, the prestige and recognition, and so much money coming to my life as a kid made me think I was invincible. It didn't do any good because even though I sort of earned the success, I didn't know how to handle it. I didn't have mental maturity. My ego was running my show—a self-sabotaging pattern.

It doesn't matter how fancy you get into your marketing sales strategy. If you have this self-sabotaging pattern, your business is just never going to make it. What I've learned over the years is the people who resist openness, self-development, and willingness to learn are the ones who desperately need this help the most. That's the self-sabotaging trait. That is a disaster in business. Optimise your mindset.

The six inches between the ears is the most important six inches to measure on your body.

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