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How to Define Your Marketing Message With Lisa McLeod - How to Identify Your “Why”

Key Points:

How to Find Out Your “Why” to Define Your Marketing Message

One of the products we sell was by far the cheapest in the industry. It is selling us as the hook to get you in the door. It is not a high-profit product. It is up to think about possibly what if their current provider isn't doing what they meant to be doing and starting to dive in to see how we are different from their current provider.

Target Businesses You Are Excited About 

"Companies with a purpose bigger than money outperform their competition by over 350%."

Lisa Mcleod

Lisa: I once asked the customer, “Why did you pick us”? They said we picked you because we could tell that you were really excited about our business. And so I started saying that we only go for businesses we're really excited about.

You have to be specific on what you sell and make sure you have a lens on it. 

Selling With a Purpose

It’s the frame of mind. When you are excited, that rubs off on other people. Once you have a purpose in business, what's then the connection to profit?

Profit is the test of your validityLisa: Companies with a purpose bigger than money outperform their competition by over 350%. People that sell with purpose, whose purpose is to improve life for customers, outsell people who are focused on targets and quotas. And this is important if you're in any kind of a sales function or if you're a leader in the business, the reason why is flip it.

Who would you rather have calling on you? Someone whose purpose is to help you or someone who's just trying to close you?

It shows up in every aspect of the business because you've got to have really clear systems and processes just to be a successful business. 

But you will not be a differentiated business, which is the most profitable business, unless you have clarity about how you and your team make a difference to customers if you're just sort of running your business in that transactional way.

Profit is the test of your validity. The purpose of a business is to improve life for customers. Profit tells you whether you're doing it or not.

Create a Tribe of True Believers

So you're focusing on the right information. A good example is Apple. What they're selling is the experience of selling the support. They're selling a beautifully crafted product. Their message is clear.  

Lisa: That's right. Steve Jobs was very famous. He had a conversation with John Sculley, and he was trying to persuade John Sculley, who was the CEO of Pepsi, to come work for him. With great excitement and honour, I got to interview John Sculley a couple of weeks ago for a piece I did for Forbes. And he said, I remember Steve Jobs saying you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or you want to change the world? 

Apple is a good example. And you might be listening to this, and you might sell ice cream or concrete, but there is innovation in every space. And the reason Apple has innovated, the reason the customer experience is amazing, the reason the products are always on the cutting edge, the reason they look beautiful, the reason that out-of-the-box experience is great is that they're not selling technology...they're selling making a difference to you. They're selling you on having a beautiful experience. And that's where everyone's eyes are pointed to.

And where that comes from is the language of the leader. If you point your team towards revenue targets, you'll only be mediocre. If you point your team toward something bigger and then use those commonplace metrics as a way to measure your progress, you'll create what I call the tribe of true believers. 

Check Out Selling With Noble Purpose

I'm going to ask you a question. It's probably going to be an easy one to answer, but we ask most of our guests, what's your favourite book?

Lisa: My latest book is Selling With Noble Purpose. I will tell you a book that has influenced me greatly, which is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning. And there's a connection between that and the work that I do. Some people don't think a man searches for meaning is about finding something to tether yourself to during challenging times. And he was a victim of the Nazi concentration camps. The thing that I realised in reading that book years ago was people need to tether themselves to something bigger than themselves and that that was the key to surviving a challenging time.

While my circumstances are not as dramatic, there's a story in Selling With Noble Purpose about when my husband and I lost a business and I had to dig deep and find a way to come back from bankruptcy.

Selling With Noble Purpose is a lot of how I did it. I'm not comparing myself to Viktor Frankl. I'm saying I was inspired by him and I thought about him a lot. I thought about what I didn't know 10 years ago when I was having to come back from the recession, but I realised in hindsight that tethering yourself to helping your customers versus tethering yourself to your revenue number, that will give you the tenacity to prevail. 



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Selling With Noble Purpose

That's good advice. I know that I found that a long time ago that I love helping people with technology. But what I really love doing is making a difference in their lives. And the book that changed my life is The Go-Giver by Bob Burg. He's changed my mindset about business and how people hold your information.  

Lisa: There is now reviewed data that says that everything that you've just described about helping others and putting them first results in you. Winning your market, having a more profitable business and enjoying your life a lot more.

Living for something bigger than yourself. Hopefully, that means you're leaving a legacy behind or you have set a good example. If anyone is looking to better their business and make sure that you are selling with a noble purpose, you can jump across Selling With Noble Purpose and jump onto the assessment. Otherwise, stay good and stay healthy out there. 

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