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Why It's Important to Build Good Relationships With Clients

Joshua Lewis on client relationshipsWhy Not Just Do the Work and Send the Invoice?

I have been interested by the trade that seems to be starting between Canada and the US. It feels like there is a clash between the leaders running the countries as a whole and what that shows is everything is about good relationships.

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Politics, Business, and Communities 

Politics, businesses, communities—they all work best when their relationships are strong.

Build a Good Relationship With Clients Now

You Can Focus on the Solution When Problems Arise

In my business, I’ve always made a real effort to build a connection with my clients. I could just do the work and send the invoice, but that's a dangerous way to operate.

In any ongoing contract, you're going to have problems. It's inevitable, but problems don't need to be arguments. If you already have a good relationship with your clients, you already have a bank of goodwill. This means your focus will only be on the solution.

Or Avoid Misunderstandings and Future Problems Altogether

If you don't really know each other and disaster strikes, then you waste a lot of energy learning to read the other person's reaction and behaviour. It’s very easy to have misunderstandings, which lead to future problems. And at the end of the day, we recommend people we like so building good relationships is really good business sense.

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