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  • Be Proactive in Keeping Your Smart Office Safe

    How Can Your Office Become Smarter? For years, workplace environments in Australia have prioritised design upgrades over improvements in office technologies, which is partly evident through a lack of IT security planning, particularly among SMEs. Some...

  • How to Start a Business in Australia

    Do You Want to Start a Business? If you want to start a business, there are a few keys things that you have to do which apply to all businesses in Australia. You need to get an ABN, register a business name and GST, test your products, find clients,...

  • 1000+ SMBs Deal With POS Malware Without Knowing It

    How Can You Secure Your POS System? Australian retailers can enhance their point-of-sale (POS) security by knowing the vulnerabilities of all their devices. Online criminals target POS devices because they consider them to be the weakest links in an...

  • Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud

    5 Myths About Cloud Computing Debunked We're going to be talking a little bit about the cloud today, and specifically, we're going to debunk some cloud myths. So many people don't really know what the cloud is, or if they actually have stuff in the...

  • How to Get Faster Internet?

    Internet speed? New Zealand is kicking our ass! New Zealanders are making the right choice with their internet speeds now becoming upwards of 20 times the speeds of what we have as an average in Australia. It is widening the gap and limiting what us,...

  • Top 10 Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

    Top 10 Cloud Computing Security Issues And Challenges The “Cloud” is a real buzzword these days. Here, it does not refer to the one which exists in the sky but rather the one that relates to information technology. It holds a different meaning for...

  • Monitoring Your Online Representation

    Monitoring Your Online Representation Today we're talking about your online business representation. Your online representation is so important because this is what new customers will look at before deciding to use your products or services. First...

  • The Best Way to Manage Your Time

    How to Manage Your Time Wisely? We're going to be talking about repetition, time management and making sure you're making the most of your time and not doing things twice or two times. I promise I won't do that again. Sorry, not sorry. So, how do you...

  • 4 Points You Need to Look at to Prevent an IT System Security Breach

    How Can Businesses Prevent Data Breaches? In Australia, data breaches are not uncommon. According to reports by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), there were approximately 812 data breaches in 2018 alone. This quarter, a...

  • How to Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Crime

    Welcome to Miami! Miami...it's one of the places that really spoke to me because of Miami Vice, probably the most famous TV show around crime that there is. But don't take my word for it. Few Crime Dramas Focus on the Fastest Growing Crime Industry...

  • What Stops You Employing Remotely?

    What Is Stopping You From Employing Remotely? Today, we've been asked about hiring remotely and it's an interesting one, because here at Dorks Delivered we do hire abroad and think it can be fantastic when done properly. We have people that work within...

  • Why Your Offline Business Can Still Be at Risk

    Why Should You Invest in IT Audits? A lot of companies identify as ‘offline’ and assume they don’t need cyber protection. However, virtually all businesses in Australia rely on some form of digital communication or services, such as staff email...

  • It's Scams Awareness Week 2019!

    Are You Too Smart to Be Scammed? A lot of Australians think they can spot a scam and believe they would know what to do if they were targeted. However, the truth is scammers are getting more creative as days go by. They mimic contact details, branding...

  • Adapt to Changing Business Environment and Keep Your Business Relevant

    Adapt to Changing Business Environment and Keep Your Business Relevant The world around us is changing at a very fast pace. Keeping up with the changing trends is essential for all businesses. To survive you have to be ready to change and adapt. Trying...

  • Mobile Device Management - Is It Needed?

    Mobile Device Management - Is It Needed? We had a question come through about mobile device management and whether is it needed within the business world? Now in my opinion as a director of an IT company, I can say 100% that it is needed as soon as you...

  • The Government is Now Legally Spying on Aussies!

    The Government is Now Legally Spying on Aussies! Australia has just passed a dangerous anti-encryption law after there's been a compromise between the two different political giants. Now I don't normally get into political stuff because I find it...

  • Legal Requirements for Starting a Business in Australia

    Legal Requirements for Starting a Business in Australia For every Aussie business, it is mandatory to adhere to certain legal requirements prior to commencing operations. You have to be legally compliant and well aware of all the rules and regulations...

  • How to Pick the Right Internet Connection

    How to Pick the Right Internet Connection Today we're going to talk today about different Internet connections that are available to us, with a focus on what you can do to utilise them by making sure that they're within your budget and that they make...

  • How to Reduce Churn Rate of Your Startup

    How to Reduce Churn Rate of Your Startup Like your life, the health of any company cannot be measured just by profitability. There are many other metrics that you need to look at. One of the most important commercial metrics on your growth rate is the...

  • How to Outsource Customer Service for Growth

    How to Outsource Customer Service for Growth In 2019, outsourcing customer service is very popular. Outsourcing customer service has many benefits that can help your business grow. It allows you to scale up the business by concentrating on other...


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