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What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About a Business IT Audit

Do You Have the Right People to Conduct a Business IT Audit?

Small- and mid-scale business (SMB) owners in Australia need an information technology security audit just as much as large companies. However, many SMBs are unable to perform a Business IT audit due to a lack of qualified personnel. Even if you have an in-house IT team, their duties are often different from the function and role of an independent audit or compliance group.

Why You Need an IT Consultant

An IT consulting service provider will be your best option not only when you don’t have the right staff but also when you want to have a fresh set of eyes to look into your IT security system. An external information technology security audit team can also teach your IT staff about the latest processes for compliance and security frameworks. Despite having experienced and skilled professionals, SMBs seldom have an IT staff who specialise in Business IT audit and security system inspection. This is a common problem among SMBs in the country. Once your IT department becomes aware of the common frameworks used by an external auditor, your employees can try to prepare and make an independent evaluation before an actual audit happens again.

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 Business IT Audit

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Common Audit Failures

A negative information technology security audit often shows a company or sector’s lack of policies or outdated procedures. Business IT Audit failures also include no penetration testing, which is also called ethical hacking, for identifying the weak spots in an IT system. An auditor may consider negligent employees to be an audit failure as well, just like what happened in Victoria. Employees of certain health agencies didn’t change default usernames and passwords pre-set by the manufacturer on IT devices, according to a report. It’s a risky practice because hackers can easily obtain this information on the Internet.

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The Final Word

Many Australian business owners believe that they don’t need an independent security and compliance function just for an information technology security Business IT audit. If you can’t afford to establish a separate group, let alone have an in-house IT department, then it’s best to hire an IT consultant. Remember that an efficient IT audit aims to expose and fix vulnerabilities that can be a business risk, instead of simply pointing out your company’s shortcomings on IT security and compliance.

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