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The Spirit of Adventure vs. Staying Safe

The Spirit of Adventure vs. Staying Safe and Smart

I'm out here in the Wild West, and it looks just like a Western film set in so many places. This whole piece of history, the expansion of the Western frontier helped create America's image as a land of opportunity.

Exploring the Unknown

The Wild West perfectly captures what it's like to do something new. You're faced with unknown on a daily basis. The next valley could be full of gold or full of snakes. There's no real way to predict it. And sometimes, you find exactly what you need. Other times, you have to create it out of whatever you can.

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The Spirit of Adventure

However, nothing can really match the spirit of adventure. There's nothing wrong with following an existing path. It can be smart to take the safe option, but you must accept that your potential will be limited when you try to. Not when you try to do something new, there's no limits because you haven't done it or created it yet.

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Something to Think About

So where's that big frontier for you? What's the big unknown you'd really like to explore? It could be a problem that's not been solved, a story that's not been told, or a new, better way of doing things. Saddle up, cowboy.


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