Don’t Get Caught in the Cold With Frigid IT Support!

Bundle Up Your Business With the Dollar IT Club

In Brisbane’s chilly winter, you wouldn’t dream of leaving home without a warm coat and a beanie – so why leave your IT out in the cold? 

At Dorks Delivered, we’ll make sure your IT is as relaxed as a beach day, with comprehensive support that keeps you cool and protected!

Why Wait for a Fix? Cozy Up With a More Proactive Approach!

Let's Bust Those Chilly IT Support Myths...

  • “It’s too pricey.” No worries! Spending a bit now on proactive IT support can save you a bundle later compared to the headache of system downtimes.
  • “I’m too small to be a target.” Think again, mate! Even the little guys need solid IT support to keep things warm and cozy.
  • “I don’t need it if everything’s working fine.” Regular maintenance is key. It’s like checking your heater before winter sets in—keeping everything in top shape prevents future breakdowns and downtime.
Regular IT support isn’t just for the big players. Small businesses like yours can thrive with the right tech support, ensuring your systems run smoothly and your IT issues are resolved swiftly.

Tired of IT services that leave you shivering with frustration?

At Dorks Delivered, we’ve tailored a solution that’s as cozy and comforting as your favorite winter sweater.

For just $1 each, choose from a suite of managed IT services that fit your needs perfectly—no unnecessary bells and whistles, no surprise blizzards of fees. Just the warm, reliable support that your business deserves to keep running smoothly all winter long.

Get exactly what you pay for with The Dollar IT Club, and comfortably cover all your IT needs without the sting of overspending.

  • Straight-Up Prices: Protect your tech from digital threats with our top-notch security and support services for as low as $1 a day.
  • Quick as a Cuppa: When tech troubles brew, we jump in with swift support to get you sorted faster than you can brew a cup of tea.
  • Fits Like Your Favourite Winter Woollie: Your IT plan must fit just right—whether you’re a small firm or a sprawling enterprise.

Slip into top-notch IT support today!

Singlet and

Freemium Plan
$ 0 Monthly
  • Bare essentials to keep your tech covered – ideal for those just dipping their toes in, like slipping on a pair of warm woolly socks on a cool Queensland morning.
  • Remote IT support charged per hour


Small Business Plan
$ 30 Monthly
  • Confidently step out with this reliable IT support that covers your basics, much like wearing your favourite trackie dacks to take on the brisk winter air.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintenance, product updates, antivirus and security patching
  • Remote IT support charged per hour

and Uggs

Business Plan
$ 60 Monthly
  • Get full protection from the winter chill with this comprehensive plan, including all the essentials and free support for IT issues that can be resolved remotely.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintenance, product updates, antivirus and security patching
  • Free unlimited remote IT support

Puffer Jacket
and Beanie

Better Business Plan
$ 90 Monthly
  • Like enjoying a Bundy rum while snug in a beanie, this plan offers comprehensive coverage against external threats—with guaranteed uptime to keep you warm all season long.
  • Everything that's in the Business Plan-only better!
  • Guaranteed uptime or we pay you!*

Expedition Gear

Better Biz + Security Add-On
$ 120 Monthly
  • Fully decked out for the cold, this plan offers advanced protection with all sensors on alert and a dedicated team to back you up against any suspicious activity.
  • Everything that's in the Better Business Plan—only better!
  • Up to $1M coverage for loss from ransomware attacks*

Support and Security Simplified
The Dorks Way