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  • How to Get the Most Out of Fitness Trackers

    How to Get the Most Out of Fitness Trackers When I became single, I decided it was time to get fit. Being the geek that I am, I had to get some sort of gadget to help. So, I bought one of those fitness bands, you know, the ones that count your steps....

  • Interview With Scott Aurisch of NRG Boost Fitness

    What Motivates a Business Owner? This is a special episode. Joshua Lewis of Dorks Delivered and Scott Aurisch of NRG Boost Fitness talk about taking the plunge in business in the fitness industry. Josh: I've got Scott here from NRG Boost Fitness and...

  • David Reid

    David Reid Account Relationship Manager Professional Bio David Reid is a qualified IT teacher. With a passion for personal development, he is currently developing training systems to help develop and identify employees’ skills so that employers can...

  • How Businesses Can Make Marketing Work

    They are your marketers, and they will believe in it. I've got a fantastic company that we work with called Energy Boost Fitness, and he's created a following, a cult following of 700 to 800 people, possibly more now. All these people, he'll put up a...

  • Does Virtual Reality Make the Real World Better?

    Virtual Gameplay in Las Vegas Las Vegas is home to the Consumer Electronic Show, one of the biggest tech conventions in the world. Virtual Reality Is More Than Just Games One area that will have more and more influence on our daily lives is virtual...

  • Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT

    Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Traditionally companies wanted complete control over all the aspects of business and hence, everything was done in-house. With changing times, business became complicated and processes became more specialised. It became...

  • What Are the Best Ways to Think of Ideas for a Startup

    4 Steps to Brainstorming a Great New Business Idea You've decided to start a business. Well, let's sit down together and have a business brainstorm. You might have an idea or you might have something that you want to do to change the world. It could be...

  • What Stops You Employing Remotely?

    What Is Stopping You From Employing Remotely? Today, we've been asked about hiring remotely and it's an interesting one, because here at Dorks Delivered we do hire abroad and think it can be fantastic when done properly. We have people that work within...

  • How to Create Your Own Podcast

    How to Have Your Own Podcast So you've been listening to my content for a while and you've decided, you know what, let's do it, let's create my own podcast. That's the question that we're going to be answering today. A number of people have asked us...

  • How to Start a Business in Australia

    Do You Want to Start a Business? If you want to start a business, there are a few keys things that you have to do which apply to all businesses in Australia. You need to get an ABN, register a business name and GST, test your products, find clients,...

  • 5 Fantastic Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

    How to Improve Employee Engagement In the traditional sense, engagement is when you find someone, a partner, and you get along so well you decide I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with him or her, and then from that, you decided to become engaged....

  • What to Ask Your IT Audit Consultant

    Get Answers From an IT Specialist An IT audit may be a new concept to most Australian businesses. If you do a huge chunk of your work online, you may want to ensure that your IT system is safe from hackers and other cyber-criminals. An IT audit...

  • Complete IT Solutions in Brisbane QLD

    You have a company with lots of moving bits, the last thing you need is the headache from your core infrastructure going down and not knowing who to call. If you are a company that requires a complete end to end IT Solution we can be here as your CTO...

  • Guide to Using Professional Service Providers to Grow Your Business

    Guide to Using Professional Service Providers to Grow Your Business You are a business owner and have been for quite some time. You have become a “jack of all trades”. From managing a team to hiring new people and at times even answering calls, you...

  • How to Go About Tough Employee Conversations

    4 Ways You Can Initiate Tough Conversations With Employees and Have People Take Accountability Congratulations! You've reached that time in your business where you have to have a tough employee conversation. Yuck. No one likes this, and if you've got a...

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy Dorks Delivered respects your individual privacy. This Privacy Policy ('Policy') embodies our commitment to its protection through adherence to fair electronic information practices. This Policy puts you, the individual, in control of...

  • Why Small Businesses Are Embracing IT Managed Services

    Why Small Businesses Are Embracing IT Managed Services “The first industrial revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The second used electric power to create a mass production. The third used electronics and information...

  • 5 Key Stages of Asset Management Life Cycle

    5 Key Stages Of Asset Management Life Cycle Assets are the strength of every company. Knowing what you have, where it is and its condition helps in planning for future assignments and meeting business requirements. Earlier, rudimentary asset management...

  • What Is IT Governance Framework?

    What Is IT Governance Framework? First Things First To succeed in business you need to understand the importance of IT and use this knowledge to drive their value. IT governance is an extremely critical aspect of any business. The sooner you accept...

  • Finding the Best Accounting Software?

    The Best Accounting Software Numbers, general ledgers, chart of accounts, reconciliation, linking bank accounts from one thing to another and then sending out your BAS. It's something that unless you're a number freak and a super geek and really,...


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