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Is IT your Day Job?

Think of us as your local firefighters, we offer support for companies with onsite IT for projects where you need more hands-on deck as well as being there to give your team a plethora of tools to eliminate repetitive tasks through automation. It could be a once-off job or an ongoing commitment, either way, we can help you through the pain. 

IT is something that can be fine one day and without the correct planning blow out to a huge problem when disaster strikes. If you’re an IT manager and you need to be able to expand and shrink your workforce at the flick of a switch, we are just a call away. Get in touch with us and we will get the people who know how the job done to you.

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Top Tier IT Support for Businesses


Let’s start a conversation based on your requirements

Are you here because you’re wondering if a different company can deliver a better IT Support experience, in project delivery, problem prevention or incident resolution?

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Your company is unique

We understand that it will have its own unique requirements. Some companies hire us as the Complete IT support Solution for their business while others may require our assistance for some once-off maintenance of their network. Talk with us about your requirements and over a beer or coffee we can see if we are the best fit for your up and coming projects.

We have a long and successful history of integrating our services alongside in-house IT departments, some notable works include:

  Stratco Queensland Government Department of Education and Training  

Whether it’s a specific project you need to be carried out quickly or a complimentary white-labelled service like a Level 1 helpdesk, we have experience at delivering for other companies just like yours.

Read on for a comprehensive description of our services.

What we can offer you

We’re second to none when it comes to having the answer to IT or Technology problems. It doesn't matter how small or larger the challenge, we can tailor-make a bespoke solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We can offer solutions in any of these areas:



Ultimately, we make you look good.

Our priority is to provide optimized performance and accountability

Let's go through your requirements together over a coffee, on us


Our outcomes

Overall, we strive to create raving clients. With our financially backed plans, we guarantee to:

  • Lower downtime due to unplanned outages
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Highen your security
  • You will Love IT instead of IT being a source of frustration. We will create the secret sauce that gives you the advantage over your competitors.

Build your business with a provider that knows your name, understands the in's and out's of your business and where you want to take it. Don't settle for Telstra-like companies that don't have a face or any accountability, get your business back with a company that strives to have fewer layers of complication and costs. 

In fact, our pricing is so competitive that we have been asked on more than one occasion whether we have understood a project brief correctly. Our attention to detail, on-time and on-budget approach shows that we clearly did and continue to impress our customers showing our truly unique approach to solving their business problems. 

We guarantee superior delivery of your Technology Services. We are not just big-noting ourselves, we are happy to put our money where our mouth is and passively monitor and work with you until you are happy with the results, mitigating the risk of taking on a new IT company.

Our customer service is industry-leading through our financially backed no downtime guarantee placing all accountability and risk on us paired with the month to month agreements to let you leave us and go to another IT company should we not be the absolute best fit for your company. Fill in the form below or call us on 07 3166 5465.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

Documenting your clients networks

Documenting your clients networks

The firefighting that can come with IT can leave important things such as documentation on the way side, we can help you document your client network topology, passwords, warranty information and relationships all in one neat place. This gives you a much faster on boarding time for staff and clients as well as the speed to recovery should something go wrong is increased dramatically.

Long-term partnering with on-demand support for managing your workload through staff and client expansion

Long‐Term Partnering With On‐Demand Support for Managing Your Workload Through Staff and Client Expansion

Long‐Term Partner With On‐Demand Support for Managing Your Workload Through Staff and Client Expansion

We know the growth pains. We have been there. We also know the benefit of putting many like-minded people who have walked different paths together to work on a problem. If you need a hand to get through the tough times or want a change in lifestyle, we can be here to help out. It could be as simple as we answer the calls on a Friday for you to get a 3-day weekend with your family or maybe you want to expand your offerings but need more manpower. When you're running a tight ship, let us give you the slack you need to change its course.

Providing you with a plethora of tools to speed up your deliverables

Providing you with a plethora of tools to speed up your deliverables

What seperates man from animals is our fantastic ability to adapt and use tools, although without the correct tools you wont get the best outcome. We have partnered with industry leaders to ensure we have the right tool for the right job, you might not even be aware of how much easier your job could be while your busy using a spanner instead of a socket set. That’s where our expert assistance to help you choose the best tools for the job comes in.

Helping Your Team With Project Rollouts

Helping your Team With Project Rollouts

If you have just submitted a tender with more team than you are able to handle we can help you through to the finish line. We have worked with local councils and the department of education to see through any project they have thrown at us  and we are here to help you also! With help of our experienced and professional team rest assured that you will be closing that deal in a stress less environment

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