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  • 3 Digital Decluttering Tools That Will Help You Stay Organised

    woman organising files on her laptop

    Stay Organised and Focused 

    Who remembers the days of the filing cabinet? You know that thing sitting in the corner and every so often you'd open it up and clean through it and you'd go wow, okay, there's a lot of stuff in here. You clean through it and you got it all thrown out, you got all the stuff that you needed from the last seven years for the tax man, you digitised it all, and you chucked it on the computer, but that could be just as big of a problem as what you did in your filing cabinet.

  • 5 Common Technology Blunders to Avoid

    Here's How an IT Audit Helps
    IT personnel who does not know what to do

    Aussies are usually careful when it comes to technology. Despite this, people can always make easy mistakes if they aren’t careful. If you want to improve your IT system, we’ve enumerated some common technology mistakes that you can easily avoid. They are either software or hardware-based, or a mismatch of both. The common reasons for these problems include cost-cutting and inadequate planning. Foregoing purchase and delaying implementation are very costly that they exceed costs of due diligence. Most of the time, clients come running when the fire has burnt half of the building when in fact it only started with a spark on a small fuse.

  • Computer Backups During Covid-19

    Computer Backups During Covid-19

    We're in unreal, crazy times at the moment, and it has to be said that a lot of people are regretting their move to the cloud. A lot of people are loving it as well because they're going, "Huh, you know what? Sweet. I'm in the cloud, this is great. I can access everything from home." It is good.

    The problem that we've got is the loads that we've seen on the internet over the last few weeks haven't increased by 10% or 20% or 30%; it has increased by about 300%. And that means that we've seen lots of core business services going up and down, which is something that wouldn't happen if business owners spent the money on business-grade internet connections and kept their infrastructure local.

  • Do Startups Really Need Outsourced IT Support?

    Do Startups Really Need Outsourced IT Support?

    Will Outsourced IT Support Make or Break Your Startup Success?

    Imagine just starting a new business here in Australia and your computers were suddenly attacked by aggressive ransomware. Could anyone from your team resolve this issue and prevent it from escalating and affecting all of your other valuable data? Are there really free resources that can help you avoid these IT issues day in and out? Or would it be wiser to just outsource IT support from a reputable IT Company? As a startup, you would want to begin your operations smoothly but with the least money spent as possible.

  • Finding the Best Accounting Software: What Are the Things to Consider

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,   IT Systems

    The Best Accounting Software 

    Numbers, general ledgers, chart of accounts, reconciliation, linking bank accounts from one thing to another and then sending out your BAS. It's something that unless you're a number freak and a super geek and really, really enjoy the accounting lifestyle, you're not going to enjoy that part about your business.

  • How Does Technology Help Businesses?

    How Does Technology Help Businesses?

    For 40 years, the CN Tower was the tallest structure on Earth.

  • How to Choose the Best Vendor in IT Outsourcing Services

    How to Choose the Best Vendor in IT Outsourcing Services

    Selecting the Best Provider of IT Services in Brisbane

    As an Australian entrepreneur, you know about outsourcing IT services pros and cons, outsourcing models and certain tasks may be outsourced. However, with so many reputable IT outsourcing companies in Australia and abroad, you may find it overwhelming or daunting to select one for your business. If you are looking to simplify your vendor selection process, we have guidelines to help you outsource as securely as possible.

  • How to Completely Wipe Data From Old Computers

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,   IT Systems

    How to Completely Wipe Data From Old Computers

    Every so often you need to refresh your hardware, everyone knows that. What should you do with your old gear? Some people throw it away in the bin, some people give it to their niece or nephew or something like that. What I'm going to stress for you to do is make sure you do none of that.

  • How to Grow Your Business With Managed IT Services

    How to Grow Your Business With Managed IT Services

    Can Managed IT Services Help Improve Your Business?

    For your business in Australia to grow and stay competitive, you need to streamline your current processes and implement new methods. An easy way to do this is by introducing managed IT services. By incorporating professional IT support into your operations, you can reap a range of benefits, such as better operational efficiency, lower operating expenses and bigger earnings.


  • How to Make a Good Password and Remember It

    How to Make a Strong Password and Remember It

    fingerprint - online security

    I've just told everyone your password. Yup. They are the most common passwords that people have.

    Yep. Had to think about that for a moment. If you have any of those passwords, any of the ones that are flicking on the right side of your screen, you're in trouble mister.

  • How to Prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

    How to Prepare for Windows 7 End of Lifewindows 7 startup screen

    There's a very important date to keep in mind if you're running Windows 7 desktops. We're already in the extended grace period, and now we're going to be no longer having that as an option next year. So, get onto Windows 10 systems. If you do want to continue using a Windows 7 system for your business, continue reading. 

  • How to Smarten Up and Make Your Home Modern?

    How to Smarten Up Your Home?

    How to Smarten Up Your Home?

    Bricks and bloody mortar, mate. Do you have a smart home? We use the term standard home versus smartphone because dumb home sounds odd. Nevertheless, if you've got a standard home and you're a business owner you are missing out on a whole bunch of efficiencies.

  • How to Take Full Advantage of Managed IT Services

    How to Take Full Advantage of Managed IT Services

    What Should SMBs Demand From Their Managed IT Services Provider?

    If you own a small or medium-sized business in Australia, you most likely opted for a managed IT services provider (MSP) to handle your IT needs. After all, it’s the most cost-effective way of addressing your company’s IT system concerns. For one, you don’t have to worry about IT employee turnovers, and another, you get to focus on managing business operations and planning for expansion. However, a question may linger—do you stop there, or should you demand more from your MSP?

  • IT Audit Checklist: Why Do You Need It?

    IT audit checklist

    Why is an IT audit checklist important?

    In this day and age, every business in Australia—small, medium or large—uses some form of technology. Knowing this, you cannot deny that data loss and security threats are becoming a fast-growing concern. As a business owner, you would want to make sure your business is free from this modern-age nightmare. A data security breach on your valuable business information is the last thing you would want to happen. This is where an IT audit checklist will come in handy.

  • IT Solutions

    IT Solutions and useful tips on how to better your business

    Using cutting-edge business tools is the key to a successful enterprise. With an array of IT solutions available, you can choose what technologies can improve your business operations. Read on to learn more about the various IT tools you can implement in your company.

  • Network Documentation Best Practices and Checklist

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,   IT Systems

    How to Create Network Documentation? 

    Like renovating an old Queenslander, when a business is new, there are a lot of hiccups. Some of them are easy to deal with and others take more time and effort. In order to increase its profitability, each business tries to attain an optimum level of efficiency.

  • Patching as a Service 101: Improve Security, Usability and Performance

    Patching as a Service 101: Improve Security, Usability and Performance

    What Is Patching?

    So, you're in the cloud. You've got all this awesome infrastructure and you want to make sure that your transactions through the cloud to wherever the data is stored is secure. One of the main things you need to do is make sure you have patching as a service. But what exactly is patching? It's is a set of changes rolled out by the developer or company designed to update, fix, or improve it. This usually includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs and improving usability or performance.

  • Physical vs. Virtual Servers: How to Choose the Right One?

    How to Choose the Right Server?physical server managed by a dedicated IT guy

    In today's technology-intensive environment, no business can think of having a network or IT-related infrastructure without installing a server. However, deciding between physical and virtual servers isn't a simple choice due to the complex requirements of businesses and the factors associated with each option. Find out whether a virtual or physical server will be the right choice for you. Let's discuss the pros and cons of both physical and virtual servers, which hopefully towards the end can help you make the daunting task of choosing the best one easier for you.

  • Should You Keep Your IT Support Team?

    IT professionals checking the serversWould it be better to ditch your IT support team for another?

    Here in Australia, we are a loyal bunch. Loyalty can be great, however, it doesn’t always lead to what is best for your business. Just about every aspect of business today revolves around information technology. The smallest of businesses can’t dismiss the importance of having a proper information technology system, from phone line to network security. Fortunately, outsourcing IT support is possible and easier than ever.

  • The Truth About Microsoft Office 365 and Your Data

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,   IT Systems

    Office 365 Does Not Backup Your Data So You Should

    You might have Microsoft Office 365, and that's awesome. However, Office 365 doesn't have any backups. That's right! Think about that for a moment. They have infrastructure backup and uptime guarantees so that you know that the systems are reliable, but if you go and delete something, you won't necessarily have any backup in those infrastructures.


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