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  • Amazing Marketing Automation With Avon Collis

    Amazing Marketing Automation With Avon Collis

    Most of you have read a lot about automation here and how great it is for your business. After all, automation revolves around making sure that you've got a process that works. In this episode, Avon Collis from Relevate shares amazing marketing automation while keeping it human, such as a bot that's not trying to talk or sound like a human but just trying to understand the human process that they go through, because we should never automate the human elements. A huge part of automation is people who are doing bits and pieces to ensure that the processes don't break. In other cases, it goes the other way around. The process is there to make sure the human doesn't break. Listen to the podcast to learn more about marketing and automation. 

  • Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Let's talk about building your business through social media. Now, as we all know, social media is changing the way that we communicate and market business, so we're going to be talking today about how to utilise social media to grow your business and being in closer touch with your clients. We're going to give you a few tips and hopefully, you'll be able to take them as a plus.


  • Effective Marketing to Millennials: Welcome to the Digital Age

    Effective Marketing to Millennials: Welcome to the Digital Age

    How Is the Digital Age Influencing the Marketing Industry?

    It doesn't matter if you've just started out in business or if you've been in business for 50 years. If you are still in business, you need to take some new things into account. If you're selling to a business, such as when you're a business-to-business (B2B) business, this may be less required now, but it will definitely come into play as these young millennials start owning their own businesses. If you're business-to-consumer (B2C) business, you need to jump on this now.

  • How Businesses Can Make Marketing Work

    How Businesses Can Make Marketing Work laptop, phone, newspapers on a table

    Take your marketing to new heights. Today, we're going to go through practical and proven ways to take your marketing to new heights using techniques and strategies that are up to date. Sometimes, you have a customer that's a bit skeptical, and the way that we like to overcome this is to make sure you have the answer to the question that they might have.

  • How Scarcity and Urgency Can Increase Sales

    How Scarcity and Urgency Can Increase Sales

    Must Read! Being TAKEN DOWN in 2 DAYS!

    Hello and welcome to Dorks Delivered. You've heard that too many times. I felt cringy even saying it but I've got this fantastic thing. There's this new sale at Bugs a Billion and what we're going to be talking about is how fantastic this runout clearance sale is. They're closing down. This is legit the last time forever you're ever going to be able to get deals at this price. We're talking 50%, 60%, and 70% off. We're closing our doors. The sale is over! Bugs a Billion. That is it. No more bugs for you! 

  • How to Appeal to Your Target Market

    Being a Salesperson Isn't BadHow to Appeal to Your Target Market

    Marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing. That's what we're going to be talking about today. How to market yourself. We all have to be amazing marketers and salespeople. Yuck. No one wants to be a salesperson, it's slimy and gross. But if you're passionate about your product, you have to be able to market it and you have to be able to sell it. If you're passionate about it and enjoy talking about it, you are now the salesperson. If you're a mother and you love your children, you just want to share them with the world and you want to look at how fantastic they are. A, they're an addictive hobby and B, you are the salesperson to the world when you're talking about them. That's the kind of what it is with your business. You can't sort of look at being a salesperson as a bad thing.

  • How to Create Content for Your Website Fast

    How to Create Content for Your Website Fast

    Don't Have Time for Writing Content for Your Website?

    Last week, we shared with you The Best Free Source of Useful Content for Your Website. The more content, the better. If you're adding more content to your website, you're going to be getting more website traffic. Blogging at least once a month, writing about 750 words per article, would be the minimum. And then we asked: why don't we put more content up? We know that it's going to make our business better, but we still don't do it. And the main reason is we are time-poor. 

  • How to Make SEO Work for Your Website

    seo tips9 Ways to Improve Your Website

    Websites are one of the top ways to showcase your business online. You want to make sure your website is user-friendly, and that it has the information and message you're looking to relay very clearly. What's most important is you want to be able to appear in a search. Having the answer for your prospecting customers is fine, but having the answer doesn't matter if you don't have a voice. There's a number of great tools and tricks out there to help optimise your website, and I'm going to go through some of these now to make sure you're found in Google and your customers are able to see you.

  • How to Market Your Business and When Not to Advertise Online

    How to Market Your BusinessSocial Network 

    Let's talk about how to market your business. Everyone knows the different mediums that are out there and the big buzz word is social media at the moment. The truth is it is a fantastic medium to market your business but is it the right medium for you? Now I don't know the business you're in and if I did, that would be creepy because I haven't met you and if I have met you and you're watching my podcast, thank you very much. Share it with your friends. Nevertheless, I don't know the business that you're in most likely so you need to try and work out what's the best medium for you.

  • How to Market Your Business Online and Make People Respond

    How to Market Your Business Online and Make People Respond

    What is marketing? Who even knows? All we know is that it's something you need in business and has something to do with making money. Probably. Marketing is all about relaying your message to your customer in a way that's fun and easy for them to understand without it getting into all googly gook and everything else.

  • How to Set Your Pricing With Courtney Deagon

    Courtney Deagon, Pricing Expert in Brisbane

    Are your products overpriced? Does your service cost too much or too little? Most entrepreneurs will have that problem with pricing. How do we set our prices or rates? Is it what would cost us plus a percentage or do we look into the wilderness to see what our competitors have in there? Perhaps there's a formula to doing it right. Courtney Deagon, pricing expert and the CEO of Court & Co Value Group Pty Ltd, shares with us some great tips on setting the prices of our products or the rates of our services. 


  • Interview With Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

    Interview With Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

    In this episode, my special guest is Bob Burg. He has changed my life and the way that I do business. The Go-Giver is one of the first self-help books that I read, and it had a massive influence on me. 

  • Monitoring Your Online Representation

    Monitoring Your Online Representationvirtual shopper

    Today we're talking about your online business representation. Your online representation is so important because this is what new customers will look at before deciding to use your products or services. First impressions really do count in business, so let's take a look at how you can monitor your online representation.



  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing runs the world

    The World Wide Web is like a vast marketplace. Online stores are everywhere and the competition for the consumer’s attention and customer retention is challenging. Learn how you can better market your products and services and create a world-class brand.

  • Sell Your Service or Products With Less Effort

    Is It Time to Change Your Marketing Plan?

    a business man writing a business strategy

    Marketing. We're back. What if you put in every single piece of marketing advice you've ever been given? Everything. How do you think it would change your business? How do you think it would change the way everything would operate? What if you did it all at once?

  • The Best Free Source of Useful Content for Your Website

    Content for Your Website

    How to Get Website Traffic for Free

    Do you own a business? Do you have a website for your business? If you answered yes to both, let’s talk about driving more income to your bottom line by creating original content. You won’t need AdWords because with good content, you can get 160,000 impressions and have over a thousand clicks for free. Read the article or listen to the podcast!


  • The Truth About Having Many Products and Services You Need to Know Now

    Giving Consumers Lots of Options

    One of the most amazing things about New York is the sheer amount of choice. If you're feeling hungry, there's a lot of options, and this is great for consumers. But what you need to realise is that each stand is only offering a few items. The hot dog stand doesn't sell pizzas and cappuccinos; it just sells hot dogs and a few extras.

  • Tips for Automating Your Business With Chatbots

    How to Use Chatbots to Grow Your Business 

    I'm all about automation. The one thing that everyone needs to do in their business is to automate. Mike from Chatbot Agency shares with us his fantastic product, a fantastic system, that allows you to create something that you would never have been able to do 20 or 30 years ago. He's able to create the human conversation in a digital world.

  • Tips for Creating a Social Media Calendar

    Tips for Creating a Social Media Calendar

    Tips for Creating a Social Media Calendar

    Today we're going to be talking about tips for creating a social media calendar. As you know, there are always new social media types coming up and disappearing. We know that Instagram is the running horse. It's shooting up, down and centres, and it's absolutely overtaking some of the others and annihilating them. We also know that Google Plus has disappeared and is no longer a thing. So you need to make sure that you have a multi-tier approach whenever you are going to be marketing through any social media and marketing in general. You don't want to rely upon only one technology because when it disappears, you'll burn and you will disappear as well. So there are these tools that come out for managing social media calendars.

  • Ugly Apples Selling Cheap

    Ugly Apples Selling Cheap

    Is Price Your Identifier?

    Last week, we covered off on apples and oranges and how they can't be the same price.

    If you've made it clear that you've got a B-grade product and you're charging an A-grade price, that's not very fair. If you have a product that sells for $10 and you're charging $6, but there's no service and support, that's not very fair. That's when it becomes quite hard for people who are trying to compare apples and oranges.

    How is that going to work? Obviously, you can't compare apples with oranges, but this comes down to another big problem, and that's having your price as your identifier. 

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