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Scams and Cyberattacks

  • 8 Most Common Types of Cyberattacks You Need to Know

    How Much Do Aussie Businesses Know About Cyberattacks?8 Most Common Types of Cyberattacks You Need to Know

    Hardly a day goes by without a cyberattack making it to the Australian news. The most recent incident involved Canva, an Australian-founded graphic design website. A hacker group has taken responsibility for the attack that affected as many as 139 million users. While the company is attempting to rectify the situation by working with law enforcement officers, it seems the damage has already been done. Social media users are calling out the company for their too-little-too-late approach.

  • Better Information Security for Accommodation Websites

    How Secure Is Your Website?Better Information Security for Accommodation Websites

    Australia’s hospitality industry is a perennial target of cybercriminals who will use any means necessary to gain valuable information. Some of their fraudulent activities are spoofing your website and creating fake accommodation deals. These ads often appear to be almost legitimate that the average customer, might not notice the difference between them and your own promotional offers. There are a lot more of these illegal activities that only an IT security consultant company may be able to identify for you.

  • Beware of This New Recruitment Fraud

    Scammers Post Fake Job Ads and Target JobseekersFake Job Ads Target Jobseekers

    Scammers are now targeting job seekers in Australia. Users of jobseeking sites like Indeed, Jora and Seek should take precaution. Scammers post fake employment ads on job search sites to steal personal information and money from job seekers. Jobseekers who showed interest in the fake jobs would be asked to transfer money as part of the application process.


  • Challenges and Trends in Cyber Security - What To Expect In 2019

     IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Scams and Cyberattacks

    Challenges and Trends in Cyber Security - What To Expect In 2019

    Global ransomware attacks were super common in 2018. The exact numbers are not available, but there were many companies that fell victim. Even the big players fell prey to cyber attacks, such as  Facebook, Quora andStrava. The challenges in cybersecurity still remain the same in 2019. As we become more aware of cybersecurity attacks should be less successful, yet the mistakes happen time and again. The need for stringent cybersecurity is going to continue in 2019, so strap in as we cover the challenges and trends in cybersecurity and what to expect in 2019.

  • Cybersecurity

    How to integrate IT Cyber Security into your business

    Cybercriminals do not discriminate. No matter how big or small your company may be, you can become a victim of hacking, phishing and other cyber attacks. Learn how you can guarantee the security of your company’s data.

  • Cybersecurity Alert: 2019 Online Scams That Target Older Australians

    What Are the Online Scams You Should Look Out For?Online Scams That Target Older Australians

    Here in Australia and around the world, many people fall prey to various online scams. This is especially true for individuals who are aged 55 and older. In fact, according to Scamwatch, many older Australians have reported close to 9,500 scams just this year. Compared to younger generations, they have lost four times more money on scams, losing $12,234.81 on average!

  • Cybersecurity Alert: Warn Your Payroll Officer About This Email Fraud

    accounting taskAre Your Payroll Officers Aware of This Email Scam?

    The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns business owners and employees about cyber criminals who send out fake emails to request a change in employees’ bank details. Some payroll officers in several business organisations in Australia have received a fake email that appears to have come from employees requesting to change their bank account details.

  • Cybersecurity Alert: Watch Out for Fake CIA Emails

    email scamHave You Received Any Malicious Emails?

    The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns that malicious emails claiming to be from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been sent to members of the public in Australia as well as people overseas. These emails state personal details about the recipient, including their address, contact information, and details about their relatives.

  • Cybersecurity Attack on Toyota Australia and Other Subsidiaries

    Are You Ready for an IT System Breach?woman driving a car

    In late February, Toyota’s Australian branch reported a cybersecurity breach. The attack was a big blow to the branch’s operation because it prevented the company from closing car sales. The staff members lost access to email and other cloud-based information, and they were instructed to switch off their computers. The attack followed other cyber attacks in the country, including the attack on the Parliament House computer network and a hospital in Melbourne.

  • Email Hack Alert: Did You Get an Email That Says You've Been Hacked?


    Phishing via email 

    There are few of these emails that are going around very similar to this here and what you're going to find is they don't have your email or password. That is a lie. What they do have is a password to an account that you've used on a website in the past.

  • How Australia Plans to Combat Cyber Attacks on the Upcoming Election

    Plan BWhat Is the Government's Plan?

    With the elections coming up, delivering better cybersecurity responses is a top priority for the Australian government. After the many cyber attacks that have occurred over the past few years, the Australian government is understandably concerned about possible IT security breaches during the May 18 polls.


  • How Important Is Information Security Policy in Your Business?

    How Important Is Information Security Policy in Your Business?

    How Protected Is Your Business From Cyber Crimes?

    As business owners in Australia are becoming more aware of surging cyber threats that could harm their organizations, customizing an information security policy now has a much larger role in their operations. While Aussies that run their own business benefit from taking such precautionary actions, some still lack the proper guidance in terms of establishing an effective policy that would ensure 100% protection from cyberattacks.

  • How to Prevent Being Hacked this Holiday Season?

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Scams and Cyberattacks

    This is the season to get hacked!

    Around Christmas time we see the amount of attacks on websites, work stations, servers, businesses, and cloud infrastructure increase exponentially. Make sure that your systems are patched and are up to date, and be on your toes for any scam calls, letters or emails because they are an all time high around now.

  • Information Security Audit and Other Ways to Protect Your Assets

    IT security partnerFoolproof Your Information Security System

    Down under here in Australia, we don’t take cybersecurity as serious as what we need to. Cyber attacks not only result in IT damage. Worse, they put your reputation at risk! We’re not just talking about malware and crimeware lurking in the shadows—waiting for a chance to attack when you least expect it. Cyber threats encompass all possible ways to get into your system, so you need to foolproof your defences by looking at all sides, including an internal IT security plan and an information security audit.

  • Ransomware - A Guide To Avoid Becoming A Victim in 2019

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Scams and Cyberattacks

    Ransomware - a Guide to Avoid Becoming a Victim in 2019

    Cyber attacks with malicious intent are a commonway cybercriminals to earn money illegally. This issue is huge and that last year cybercriminals all over the world earned millions of dollars.

  • Simple Ways to Overcome SMBs Cybersecurity Challenges

    Simple Ways to Overcome SMBs Cybersecurity Challenges

    How Cybersecurity Can Help SMBs

    Cybersecurity is an integral part of running a business, particularly for Aussies, to prevent unwarranted access to your network. Smart devices and Internet access have become necessities, making information security indispensable against viruses. When hit by a cyberattack, it may take years to bounce back, not to mention retrieving the lost or stolen data. With a regular IT audit and other cybersecurity practices, cyber threats will be minimized.

  • The Government is Now Legally Spying on Aussies!

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Scams and Cyberattacks

    The Government is Now Legally Spying on Aussies! 

    Australia has just passed a dangerous anti-encryption law after there's been a compromise between the two different political giants. Now I don't normally get into political stuff because I find it boring and contradictory a lot of the time, but this is something that's going to affect every single person, especially if you're an Australian business.  

  • The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite for WordPress Sites

    The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite for WordPress Sites

    Are You Using WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite?

    Australia is not an exemption to the 20,000 times and still growing worldwide downloads of the WordPress plugin called WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite. While WordPress quickly began to take the lead, leaving its competitors Drupal and Joomla, its plugin comes with an advantage and a disadvantage. As a plus, default functions go beyond its capabilities. However, it can pose risks to website security if not properly checked. It's useful but weak on cross-site scripting attempts. 

  • Three Latest Scams in Australia and How to Protect Yourself

    Three Latest Scams in Australia and How to Protect Yourself

    What Are the Latest Scams That Target Australians?

    Australia was not spared from the recent internet scams that have been happening globally. Known as the ‘Investment’, ‘Agent Smith’ and ‘Intimate Images’ scams, they can take advantage of your financial status and even steal your identity. You can get to know more about these scams, how they work and how you can protect yourself from scammers.

  • What Happens Without an IT Audit - Case Studies

    The Biggest, Most Recent Cyber Attacks in Australiacomputer user

    Unfortunately for Aussie businesses, cyber attacks are on the rise. Some are just waiting for a chance, a vulnerability in your network. Others scheme and target even organisations with sophisticated information security systems because hackers are also refining their capabilities. If you want to test the integrity of your information system, get IT audit companies to review your security measures and data recovery plan.

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