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  • Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Building Your Business Through Social Media

    Let's talk about building your business through social media. Now, as we all know, social media is changing the way that we communicate and market business, so we're going to be talking today about how to utilise social media to grow your business and being in closer touch with your clients. We're going to give you a few tips and hopefully, you'll be able to take them as a plus.


  • Business Tips

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Starting a Business

    Business tips to keep you in front of your competitors

    It’s important for a business owner to understand the ins and outs of operating a business. Read on for some tips and best practices that you can take advantage of.

  • Develop Your Business Idea Before Someone Steals It

    Before Someone Steals Itsmall business-you can start on your own

    You've got this cool, wicked-awesome idea or service that you want to see come into fruition and actually help change people's lives. You know it's going to be amazing and you've written everything down. You've got your SWOT analysis done. You've gone, 'This is going to go gangbusters. It's going to go nuts.' Super-exciting stuff. Now, you're really worried that someone's going to steal your idea.


  • Finance Alternatives With Paul Boyd-Skinner

    Finance Alternatives with Paul Boyd-Skinner

    Our special guest in this episode is Paul from No BNK, a non-bank business and commercial finance solutionist. Paul is a wizard when it comes to looking at a different way that you can do finance, which is especially critical in today's financial climate. He has been involved in nonbank lending for around about 16 years but he has never ever put anybody in a loan with the bank. He explained, 'If I want to borrow money from you, why do I have to go to a bank to do that? You put your money in the bank and then I go and borrow the money from the bank. That's your money that's in the bank. That's not theirs. So why not just borrow directly from you? No BNK is set up where we facilitate accurate information between somebody who wants to borrow money and someone who wants to lend it.' Listen to the podcast or read on to learn more about No BNK. 

  • Forecasting Your Business Numbers With Leschen Smaller

    Leschen Smaller-Forecasting Your Business Numbers

    Our special guest in this episode is Leschen Smaller from Element Business and Accounting Solutions. How come so many businesses have collapsed? Where have they gone? Why didn't they save for a rainy day? These are just some of the questions we have in mind and Leschen is here to enlighten us. She explains 13-week cash flow and talks more about getting projections for when your cash is coming in and when your cash is going out⁠—something that is certainly important and that has been highlighted through this whole COVID crisis thing. Normally, businesses might save a little bit for a rainy day, but Leschen shares a better way to stay afloat in times of crisis: forecasting. Read more or listen to the podcast!  

  • How to Prepare for Your First Three Years in Business

    The first three years in business. You've got all these things to do and I've got some great news for you. It's the most stressful time that you've had up until now, but it doesn't disappear. It continues, you just get used to the stress. All jokes aside, it is the most rewarding thing you can ever do, starting a business, but making sure you set the ground correctly, making sure the footings of your business are set up adequately will mean that your business will last well into the future.

  • How to Set Your Pricing With Courtney Deagon

    Courtney Deagon, Pricing Expert in Brisbane

    Are your products overpriced? Does your service cost too much or too little? Most entrepreneurs will have that problem with pricing. How do we set our prices or rates? Is it what would cost us plus a percentage or do we look into the wilderness to see what our competitors have in there? Perhaps there's a formula to doing it right. Courtney Deagon, pricing expert and the CEO of Court & Co Value Group Pty Ltd, shares with us some great tips on setting the prices of our products or the rates of our services. 


  • How to Set Yourself Up for Success

    How to Set Yourself Up for Success

    How to Set Yourself Up for Success

    G'day! You've got Josh here and I've got a couple of special guests. We've got Sarah from Perfectly Beautiful. Say hey. We've got Masso, and he's starting a fantastic business around sailing in Croatia. I've also got Al here and he's had a couple of businesses in the past, and he's looking to go into his third venture. Let's talk about the biggest thing to consider when managing a business, the scariest decision in business, a tool that can help you skyrocket in the future and what business owners do to keep up with the everchanging technology. 

  • How to Start a Business in Australia

    business partnersDo You Want to Start a Business?

    If you want to start a business, there are a few keys things that you have to do which apply to all businesses in Australia. You need to get an ABN, register a business name and GST, test your products, find clients, make a business plan, prepare an easy-to-follow structure regarding managing your business and think about further product development. 


  • Interview With Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

    Interview With Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

    In this episode, my special guest is Bob Burg. He has changed my life and the way that I do business. The Go-Giver is one of the first self-help books that I read, and it had a massive influence on me. 

  • Interview With Scott Aurisch of NRG Boost Fitness

    What Motivates a Business Owner?Scott Aurisch, NRG Boost Fitness

    This is a special episode. Joshua Lewis of Dorks Delivered and Scott Aurisch of NRG Boost Fitness talk about taking the plunge in business in the fitness industry.

  • Legal Requirements for Starting a Business in Australia


    Legal Requirements for Starting a Business in Australia

    Legal Requirements for Starting a Business in Australia 

    For every Aussie business, it is mandatory to adhere to certain legal requirements prior to commencing operations. You have to be legally compliant and well aware of all the rules and regulations that are applicable to your industry. If you don’t, you might end up making some friends at the ATO or the police! In every country, there are laws in place to protect both the businesses and the people associated with. Being compliant with these laws will ensure the smooth running of your business and keep it legal. In this post, we will make a checklist of common legal requirements for starting a business in Australia.

  • Recession-Proofing Your Business With Warren Maris

    Recession-Proofing Your Business With Warren Maris

    In this episode, Warren Maris from Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants shares with us how we can recession-proof our business. We talk about having a unique selling proposition, employing 'good' people, putting the right people in roles that are right for them, being open to change and involving people in changes, keeping only 'good' clients, documenting everything (from client agreements to procedures), getting off the tools, having a thirst for knowledge, and working on the important elements of business in the correct order. 

  • Running the Numbers With Drue Schofield

    Running the Numbers With Drue Schofield

    Josh: I've always said, "You can teach a man to fish and he'll have food for life, but some people just don't like fishing."

    Drue: That's right.

    Josh: They just don't.

    Drue: Some people don't like fish either.

    Find out what they're talking about. 

  • Sizing Up Your Office Space: Why Is It Important?

    Sizing Up Your Office Space: Why is it Important?

    Office space is an important facet to consider when you're setting up a new business or if you've got an established business. Maybe you're looking to change a business around and become one of those fancy hipsters that have people work from home. Whatever the case is, sizing up the amount of floor space that you need for your office can be a difficult task, and it's definitely a discussion that you need to have with your IT company. The reason being there's nearly no reason nowadays with the infrastructure that we have got, even though it's terrible in Australia, it's still good enough to allow for your workers to work from home, and in a flexible environment. This gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Startup Experience In Business

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Starting a Business

    Startup Experience In Business

    Starting a business can be hard work.If you're a small business owner or have started a business, most of the time you have some sort of drive behind what was the inspiration. Some people get financial backing and some people don't and start from scratch and back themselves. I was lucky enough to be in a professional job where I was able to save enough of a safety net to start the business as a side hustle, while I was still employed by my regular employer.

  • Step By Step Guide To Starting a Business in Australia As a Foreigner

    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Starting a Business

    Step By Step Guide To Starting a Business in Australia As a Foreigner

    Congratulations! You are finally going to become your own boss. You’ve rolled the dice and decided to start a new business venture in a foreign land. Starting something new is always terrifying and the excitement that accompanies it is an incredible feeling.

  • The Truth About Having Many Products and Services You Need to Know Now

    Giving Consumers Lots of Options

    One of the most amazing things about New York is the sheer amount of choice. If you're feeling hungry, there's a lot of options, and this is great for consumers. But what you need to realise is that each stand is only offering a few items. The hot dog stand doesn't sell pizzas and cappuccinos; it just sells hot dogs and a few extras.

  • What Are the Best Ways to Think of Ideas for a Startup

    4 Steps to Brainstorming a Great New Business Ideabrainstorm business ideas

    You've decided to start a business. Well, let's sit down together and have a business brainstorm. You might have an idea or you might have something that you want to do to change the world. It could be a service or a way to do something differently. Whatever it is, you need to make sure you sit down and note it down, right? How is your product going to be different from what's already out there? How are you going to make money out of it and how are you going to reach your target audience? 

  • What Is Agile Development and How to Do It

    What Is Agile Development and How to Implement It

    What Is Agile Development?

    To understand agile development, let’s go back to the days of the waterfall methodology. Here, you produce something and then you say, ‘Okay, now it's working, but it might have broken.’ And then you go through a process that's in series. There's a clear start and there's a clear end, but there's nothing in the middle that isn't defined. It only has a start and an end, and the product is created.


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