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How Does Technology Help Businesses?

How Does Technology Help Businesses?

For 40 years, the CN Tower was the tallest structure on Earth.

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The CN Tower

Now a big tourist spot, the CN tower was made to broadcast TV and radio throughout the Toronto area. When you look up at this massive structure at over half a kilometre high, it makes you realise how much has changed in the digital age.

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For decades, all of our media and content were controlled by big centralised hubs like the CN Tower. TV signals would beam from a tower, newspapers would fly out over gigantic print houses, and your content was inseparable from your location.

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Look where we are now. I'm here in Canada, and I can check the news in Australia in an instant. I can easily run my business back home, barely using anything more than a smartphone.

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The Final Word

Rather than tower broadcasting a few stations, we have billions of people with a router or a phone, spreading information. Sure, there's a lot more noise in today's world (i.e. fake news), but I think we're only just realising the amount of potential of digital. The human race has basically made geography relevant when it comes to information.

That is a towering achievement, if you'll excuse the pun.


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