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VoIP 101 With Renier Schrenk - What are the disadvantages of using VoIP?

Key Points:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

A few things that people might be wondering about are the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP.

Will people lose their business phone number if they move from a traditional phone system to VoIP? This is their lifeline to most people's businesses. The last thing they want to do is to lose their phone number. What's the process around migrating a phone number? 

Renier: There is a porting or migration process depending on the country. Germany has quite strict rules when it comes to telecoms. It can take quite a long time to complete. But in the US, they have this intense competition amongst telecoms providers. The main thing is while you're waiting for the porting to happen, your number doesn't stop working 

Setting Up Your VoIP for Business 

You can have it set to automatically go to a new number, which has the flexibility. And then when you're calling outbound, any of your staff can use the number you've got. The new number will appear even if people are still calling the old number. Is this a workaround?  

Renier: That's a common workaround. In Australia, the average onboarding time would take around 30-35 days. This means that you can change the solution without having to worry about being locked into another contract. 

Keeping a Stable Internet Connection for VoIP 

One of the disadvantages of VoIPWhat are some of the disadvantages of using VoIP? Is there any scenario where you'd say it's important to make sure that you have this extra backup for an emergency? Or is there any time that you'd say VoIP isn't the right solution? 

Renier: VoIP needs a stable Internet connection. If you are in a place where the connection is a bit spotty, you might need to find a way to strengthen it. Stability is important because it's a constant transfer of data.

You also need to secure an emergency or backup Internet service connection because as soon as the power goes out, your Internet goes out, which means you won't have the VoIP either. 

That makes sense. During a blackout, as long as you have a traditional non-cordless phone, the electricity is provided through the telephone line. If you've got a bad Internet or satellite Internet connection, it might not be the best solution.

But the advantage of VoIP is it's more cost-effective. It's still good to know that if you are looking at something like an Internet-based phone system for your business, you're aware of some of the potential downfalls.

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