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VoIP 101 With Renier Schrenk - What is the best VoIP phone system for your business?

Key Points:

The Best VoIP Phone System for Modern Business

When comparing different VoIP phone systems, what is the best phone system for your business?

Renier: Everybody has different needs. The solution we have at VoIPstudio might not fit everyone's needs. Most of the time, we need to schedule a meeting and ask the client's specific requirements, then we will try to wing it.

So the best solution for getting the best phone system is to choose the right provider that can provide what you need.

A lot of providers can offer a month or a long-term contract if you need additional features. But take note that they might be strict with cancellation fees. What I can recommend is you ask the provider if they can provide a trial so that you can test it out and make sure it can work for you. 

Schedule a meetingI'd agree with that. You don't know what you don't know until you know. For you to understand more about the best VoIP phone system for your small business, you need to understand the way different people build the system.

I prefer a cloud-based VoIP phone system because we can get an on-premise solution. Other phone systems can work by charging you per user, per minute or per call. And that's where you need to work out what works best for you. 

Renier: Some providers may ask for a credit card upfront for trial services. Trial services may vary depending on their terms. If the trial services worked for you, then you can either move on or ask them about your options.

It's always a good idea to discuss what you need more than what you want because once your needs are met, you will have a strong foundation. 

We have covered a lot today. Renier, is there anything in particular that we should leave any of our listeners with to be aware of before we close off for today?

Renier: A good thing to consider is what is special about you and what you do, and how can VoIP enhance that. Any company can get away with any kind of telephone system, but if you go for VoIP, it's something that will not just replace the phone system—it'll enhance it. And how can VoIP make it better? There are loads of features out there, and those things can make a company sound better and look better. 





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