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Working Remotely Using VoIP With Renier Schrenk - Run Your Business Efficiently With VoIP

Key Points:

Cloud VoIP With Zapier Integration

A big part that a lot of VoIP providers don't have that you should be considering when you're looking around are the cool integrations that VoIP offer. There are so many integrations that you offer to further help any type of business improve what they do.

Renier: One of the big integrations that we did recently was Zapier. They automate things, but they do it in a very smart way. You can link to so many different devices or services.

It's an incredibly powerful addition that definitely puts VoIP Studio above the competition by a significant magnitude.

Renier: It does it in a very simple and complex way, in a sense, because it only points and basically manages all this information.

It's very, very cool. It means that if you don't have an integration or you're using sort of a very bespoke product for your CRM system, Zapier is a tool that will most likely build an integration before anyone else.





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The Final Word

I hope everyone out there has got a lot more knowledge around how you can work remotely with VoIP, what to do when disaster strikes, how to integrate and use VoIP in a way that lets it be more than a phone system. I recommend that you jump straight across to and sign up for a trial.

Renier: Yep. We don't want a credit card. We don't have any obligation after the trial is done. We're reasonable people.

There’s no reason why to not try it. You can't break anything. You're not going to stuff it up. It's not the end of the world. They've got a fantastic support team that's going to be there to help you out.

Renier: We have a live chat and a support ticket system. Anybody that signs up will get a welcome email from us. Just reply to that and someone will be there to help as soon as we can.

Thanks, Reiner. I hope everyone learnt about the benefits of VoIP for remote workers. 

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