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Be Proactive in Keeping Your Smart Office Safe

IT security

How Can Your Office Become Smarter?IT security

For years, workplace environments in Australia have prioritised design upgrades over improvements in office technologies, which is partly evident through a lack of IT security planning, particularly among SMEs. Some business owners think that smart offices should only have state-of-the-art equipment, functional spaces, and other modern features. However, your vulnerability to a cyber attack becomes higher with each device or equipment connected to the Internet.

Why Hackers Target SMEs

You might think that hackers are more likely to go after the big fish in your line of business, but have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to bypass a large company’s IT security network? While cybercriminals have much more to gain from hacking into the system of a huge enterprise, it’s generally easier to obtain unauthorised access to a smaller company’s network starting from their business websites.

An IT system security check allows you to determine whether or not your website is prone to credential stuffing. This emerging threat happens when hackers steal large volumes of usernames and passwords. Credential stuffing has become more popular among them because it reduces the chances of being caught. It poses a big risk to e-commerce and digital enterprises, although any industry in the country is fair game for hackers.


An Emerging IT Security Threat

Australia recorded the fifth highest number of credential-stuffing attacks in 2018 with more than 104 million cases, according to an Akamai report. Most of the incidents may have involved online retail and digital entertainment, but any business that deals with consumer accounts are at risk of credential stuffing.

Once cybercriminals chance upon a working username and password, they usually input the same details to access a different website. A lot of people use the same log-in details for most, if not all, of their accounts. Your employees could be one of them. Smart offices are now a trend, and some criminals simply realise that they won’t have to step inside a company’s premises to steal valuable data.

Unique Passwords and Smart Devices

IT security experts advise people to use unique usernames and passwords. Change them regularly to keep hackers from using valid log-in details. Companies should do their part by requiring employees to observe best practices on cybersecurity. You should also consider using a trusted VPN service to hide your activity from cybercriminals.

When you procure devices for a smart office, it’s best to choose reputable brands known for offering highly secure equipment. However, you shouldn’t forget about having a competent IT support group at the same time.

The Final Word

Business owners in Australia should be more proactive with their IT security approach, whether it involves a malicious attack from an insider or a third-party hacker. Remember that a modern office can’t be truly smart when it doesn’t have the right defences against cyber attacks.

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