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Who doesn’t love a good read? I know I sure do, in my spare time (because we have automated so much of our business we have that!) I love reflecting on life and writing from the perspective of a business owner, partner, lover and failure. Learn tips and tricks about marketing, technology and life balance. Hopefully, you will get as much knowledge, fun and experience reading them as I did writing. 
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SHH!IT Is on
the Phone

A book about the vital role that technology plays in business, how far we have come as human and where technology is leading us. It is not a book for IT companies and tech-heads but for a read for business owners. Don’t be left behind.

Make sure you are ready for the new technology revolution!

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How to Run a Lemon of a Business

You know that feeling that you get because you did it wrong and had to learns years later? What if you could start over? What would you change? Read about the dos and don’ts of running a business, finding your way again if you feel lost, and remembering all the ways you did it wrong or could have.

This is a great read for start-up owners looking to buy into the dream of freedom or a seasoned business owner looking to reflect on ways to do things better.

Don’t end up with a lemon of business!

$34.95  including postage
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Good Business
Is a FineART

Are you uncomfortably holding back your potential? Do you feel like your competitors are blowing you away even though you know they are just full of hot air? It stinks! Find out why your business and product might be awesome but your competitor is winning the business.

Learn how to be silent but deadly in business!

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How to Have a CreativeRAPport With Your Customers

Running a business can stink! Some people are extrovert, natural talkers. Others are introvert, detail-oriented amazing workers. To have stratospheric success in business, you must be articulate and able to be both. You need to be comfortable to have a CRAP with your customers. This book teaches you how to step away from your throne, out of the shadows and become the person who listens to what your customers want, delivers on the promises and do it in a way that doesn’t feel unnatural and grows your business at the same time.

Have a crap about your customers!

$34.95  including postage

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