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I keep forgetting my password

Passwords can be the bane of a business’s existence, especially if multiple employees share accounts for specific tools. If you or your staff keep forgetting your password, Dorks Delivered can provide a reliable password manager to store all your passwords securely in one place. A password manager makes it easier to create complex, unique passwords for all your accounts without remembering them all. Password managers also offer additional features such as two-factor authentication, notifications of potential breaches, and password sharing with family members or colleagues. Using a password manager can ensure that your passwords are safe and secure, protecting you from unauthorised access.

My internet is too slow

Slow internet access is extremely frustrating, but it can also affect your business’s sustained success. If your internet speed is not appropriate for your needs, your business may suffer from the following:

  • Employees having difficulty accessing data and completing tasks promptly
  • Poor internet performance negatively impacting customer experience levels
  • Slow speeds making it easier for malicious actors to compromise your systems

The ideal antidote to slow internet speeds is finding your area’s most reliable fibre internet provider. Based on your geographical location and evaluating your business needs, we can help secure the best internet solution at the most competitive price possible.

My website has been hacked

Unfortunately, websites being hacked is a real issue. According to Techjury, around 30,000 websites are hacked daily, and 64% of companies worldwide have experienced some cyber attack.

If you’ve been hacked, we offer a free dark web scan that searches for compromised credentials associated with your domain. While we do the scan, contact your current web hosting provider and inform them of the breach. Then change all the passwords related to the website and investigate what security measures were in place before the hack. We also advise that you should
analyse any malicious code that may have been left behind by the hacker and remove it as soon as possible.

Following this, we can provide your business with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that takes the complexities of managing and monitoring systems off your plate. Our proven strategies create an effective defence against emerging threats, streamline costs associated with internal resources, and grant you peace of mind knowing our experts are safeguarding operations continuously.

What’s included:

  • One-click remediation
  • A team of 24/7 threat hunters
  • Persistence footholds for malware detection
  • Managed antivirus prevention
  • Preemptive ransomware detection

My system is down

You may need to deal with systems going down at some point when in business. Sometimes you can’t stop them from happening entirely, but you can take preventive actions. Having a business disaster recovery plan will be your saving grace when disaster strikes. We can help create a disaster recovery plan with you and ensure that there will be a much smaller chance of your systems going offline in the future.

Microsoft 365 is too expensive

Microsoft 365 is too expensive For those seeking the features of Microsoft 365 but want a better deal – Dorks Delivered offers
the most competitive rates in Australia. Our wholesale pricing can help keep costs down in your business to as little as a few dollars per user each month. All you have to do is become a member of the Dollar IT Club.

My servers failed

If your servers fail, you must take immediate action to minimise damage. The first step is to try to identify the root cause of the failure and work on restoring the service as soon as possible. If your current IT team lets your services go down, chances are they aren’t up to fixing it. We can help review your IT backup plan to ensure that all data is safe and, if needed, restore your backups.

I want to move my data to the cloud

With data becoming increasingly critical to businesses, ancient practices of keeping hard-drive backups under lock and key no longer hold up. Moving your data to the cloud will help you stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving digital environment. Depending on your business, cloud-to-cloud, snapshotting, complete, and incremental backups could be what you need to get the best possible data backup. We’ll help you find the right solution to ensure your essential data is safe and secure.