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Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered

The Dollar IT Club is a revolutionary solution for companies of all sizes that enables them to pay only for the services they need, allowing quick and easy scalability. With our managed services starting at just $1 each, businesses can enjoy tailored packages without worrying about wasting resources on things they don’t require. 

Managed IT Services Starting at A DOLLAR!

We came up with the idea around a suite of managed IT services for $1 each because a common complaint we hear from the industry is how complicated and expensive the pricing structure for IT services is. The Dollar IT Club is built on a simple premise: let business owners and managers choose exactly what they want, without any of the unnecessary extras. With our straightforward pricing structure of just $1 for each service, you can finally get what you pay for, ensuring every dollar counts.

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The whole idea of IT support is to make things easier for you...

that's why our pricing is so simple!

Businesses live and die by their IT setup. Technology makes our lives easier when it works. But when it doesn’t, it makes you question why you got into business in the first place. Think of us as your peace-of-mind for hire, business-boosting, virtual fire-fighters.


Become a member of The Dollar IT Club to access WHOLESALE rates for software, hardware, and support as well our full range of business building in-person workshops and webinars.


Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered
Business IT Support Services


Get convenient, timely IT assistance for your business via email or phone. Our expert helpdesk team will work to resolve most issues quickly and remotely so you can get back to business faster.  


Per Minute / Per Business
IT solutions for business


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that experienced tech professionals constantly monitor and troubleshoot to keep your systems always up and running.  

Per Week / Per Website
Business IT Support Services


Premium email services that sync mail between all of your devices with added Backup, SPAM, Anti-virus and Malware Protection

Per Week / Per Inbox
IT solutions for business


Your business can have total protection and peace of mind. Includes maintenance, anti-virus, program updates, security patching and a dedicated account manager 

Per Day / Per Employee

We'll be friends with so many benefits...

business IT services - Dorks Delivered

Wholesale Software & Hardware

This isn’t a gimmick. We give you our logins to take advantage of our buying power as an IT provider and purchase software and hardware at the same rates we do, previously unavailable to the public. Better yet, our prices are cheaper than any retail store!

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Wholesale Support

Save up to 50% on typical hourly IT support with the flexibility to increase or decrease your spend
depending on the response time you need.

IT Development Services - Dorks Delivered

Sliding Scale Pricing

Upgrade/Downgrade your services at any time with our full suite of add-on packages which all stick to our simple pricing model.

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Still not convinced? Contact us or give us a call at 07 3166 5465 or check out these Frequently Asked Questions!

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Nope! The whole concept is that all of our rates are chunked into easy-to-understand amounts (as close to a dollar as possible). Our displayed rates are all paid upfront. So if a service is $1 per month, it would be $12 per year upfront. The only exception is our IT support services and up-time guarantee plans, which are purchased upfront in blocks or paid per month (more about that below).

IT support packages are available for purchase via our dashboard once you are a member. Packages start at 4 hours and are priced on a sliding scale, so they get even cheaper the more you buy. There is no expiration date, and the packages are available for as long as you are a member. If you can’t use all of your hours for some reason, you can transfer them to another member for free at any time. All prices are ex GST & per user, per month.

Is that a question? Oh, you’re asking if we charge for every second of IT support… For phone support, the entire phone call duration is counted as support time. For emails, we only start the timer AFTER we’ve read the email and start work on your issues and stop it after sending our reply. We work as fast as we can to do the job properly and put service before profit. We have strict systems to keep our employees accountable for time spent, including robust benchmarking. We record all phone calls, take screenshots of our progress and more to ensure you get what you pay for.

As Australia’s fastest-growing IT company in 2019, we grow when you grow. We know what our customers want. We do it differently. We listen! If you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome, we offer a complete refund. If you want to see something changed or a new service offering, talk to us.

Absolutely! That is if we see that you genuinely need the additional items. We are all about risk mitigation. Don’t worry though…we have some of the most competitive prices around and always ask you to get a second quote to show us so that you can compare apples with apples. If the other quote is cheaper, we will beat it by 10%. Hmmm, that sounds familiar! You can’t get a sausage here on a Saturday morning though!

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