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Business Benefits of Managed IT Services

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A lot of people have brilliant ideas (usually over a few beers or wines) that they think will make something easier or will solve a problem. A lot of us out there have had that perfect idea for a startup at some point in time, but only a few could actually transform their entrepreneurial vision into a reality. While starting a business or rather an organisation is already a feat in itself, things get trickier when the company needs to cope up with the testing tides of Information technology. 

Can You Cope With the Advancements? 

Times have changed and in the modern era and online validation is the only picture that investors and stakeholders are interested in. However, businesses with limited resources often fall flat on their face, in terms of operational efficiency as they usually lack network management skills, outage detection manpower, and other solutions which concern setting up the perfect online base. This is where Managed IT Services kick in and transform the fate of most organisations that eventually rely on them.

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Managed IT Services: What, What, and When?

Before we move any further, it is important to take into account that managed IT services are expected to rise by around 12.5 percent before the end of the decade. Despite this, there are still many organisations which are unsure about Managed IT Services, precisely the nature, applications, and the existing financial and entrepreneurial benefits.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Businesses usually end up requiring IT support in order to delegate, streamline, and even monitor operations. However, a majority of smaller entrepreneurs find it hard to manage the evolving requirements as resources aren’t always at a surplus. A managed service provider (MSP) helps companies in this regard by offering dedicated solutions that can identify threats, fix issues, and even blare out warnings, if and when required. So in a nutshell, Managed IT Services are specialised solutions which are used by organisations for handling and dealing with IT-specific discrepancies.

Why Outsource IT Services?

Now you know what managed IT services do, let’s examine why they are needed. Companies that don’t take advantage of managed IT services rely extensively on break/fix services for getting the job done. The Break/Fix route meant that businesses had to be reactive and wait for problems to arise and only then would a technician be called. While this looked more like a plan that would save a lot of money, it usually resulted in a lack of scalability, coordination, and unpredictability.

With companies having to deal with digital databases, automated systems, and other IT-specific entities, the break/fix model didn’t feel like a dependable option to address the problems. This is why Managed IT Services were adopted as they were ready to function with higher stakes to look out for.

Keep This in Mind

Before beginning your companies journey into obtaining managed IT services it is important to understand when the services actually need to be implemented. The services are more about building durable relationships between the company and the concerned vendor, which eventually attracts a monthly fee. Therefore, Managed Services are extremely useful for small organisations which do not have the manpower to keep attending to issues, at regular time intervals.

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Benefits of IT Managed Services

Companies usually outsource IT services for handling the aspects of network administration, security, data backup, cloud sanity, reliability of response services, and other similar requirements. MSPs help organisations, regardless of their size and spread, to attend to each one of the mentioned issues with immediate attention, especially in the form of customised solutions.

Companies hire IT Audit consultants for getting a thorough perspective regarding the existing network security standards. What’s important to note is that regular monitoring from experienced MSPs make sure that the organization is free of cyber threats and customer data isn’t compromised. Therefore, outsourced IT Audit services are extremely important when it comes to remote monitoring of network standards, report generation, compliance assistance, correlation analysis, risk management, prevention of unauthorised network access, and equipment maintenance.

Example of Benefits

A majority of organisations who don’t use a MSP want to know the financial and entrepreneurial benefits. There are plenty of benefits, so lets take a look at what individual services into account:

Perspective 1: Network Administration

Requirements: To establish troubleshooting solutions, network maintenance, unified communications and round the clock network operations.

Benefits: MSPs offer a proactive approach which automatically ousts the IT-centric issues. However, the best thing about outsourced IT services is the cost effectiveness. Companies are also realizing that partnering with a reliable service provider definitely saves a lot of money, especially in the long run.  Another benefit of hiring MSPs is the centralised visibility where every network application and accessible solutions are brought under one roof. This eventually results in better resource allocation, better access, improved systems accessibility, and creation of reliable online access points. Lastly, there will be minimised labour costs as outsourcing allows businesses to concentrate more on human resources instead of employee training.

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Perspective 2: Data Backup and Cloud Computing

Requirements: Better administration of shareable content, information backup, prevention of accidental data loss, and easy accessibility.

Benefits: The good thing about hiring efficient Managed IT Service is that the technology on display is extremely updated. This means that there are minimal risks of data breaches and spillage. The financial aspect of this perk happens to be the fact that organisations get to experience enterprise-level technologies at highly affordable monthly rates. Another benefit is that not only data security levels are maintained; they are also amplified with Outsourced IT services at the helm. Therefore, with efficient and stringent data management standards in play, data backup and cloud computing initiatives are seamlessly handled.

Perspective 3: Response Services

Requirements: Troubleshooting support, correct diagnosis, controlled communication, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits: A company that responds almost immediately in case of an emergency is the one that succeeds and this can be made possible only if MSPs play a pivotal role. Managed IT services therefore minimise overall system downtime, offer a proactive approach towards combating system failures, and completely eliminate the technological constraints. This approach amplifies productivity and helps satiating customer satisfaction levels.

Other Benefits

MSPs offer robust backup solutions which allow companies to concentrate on other managerial aspects. The in-house IT teams, if available, can be assigned to increase productivity and develop software. Outsourcing IT services makes sure that the concerned MSP becomes familiar with the nooks and crannies of the organization. This helps improve scalability and overall project accountability.

Get a Recommendation

While Managed IT Services are much better choices as compared to hiring break/fix technicians, an organisation must be careful while zeroing in on the desired one. The best way to go about the search is to look for positive reviews, word of mouth recommendations, commitment towards scalability, and availability of proactive management tools. If you are in south-east Queensland, consider us, Dorks Delivered.

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The Final Word

Managed IT services can really change your business. If implemented properly, this service can help you reduce overall cost, wasted time and stress in your business. That sounds pretty good to me!

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