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Everything You Need to Know About VPN

Everything You Need to Know About VPN

Should You Really Invest in a VPN Service?Everything You Need to Know About VPN

There are two reasons why Australian businesses should invest in a paid virtual private network (VPN) service. First, a paid service provides you with better online privacy. Another reason involves improved security for transmitting data over the Internet. Remember that when you choose a type of VPN, the advantages can outweigh the risks if you choose the right one.

Two Types of VPNs

It is important to know the two most common types before you look into the advantages of a VPN service. These comprise consumer and corporate VPNs provided by a third party. A consumer VPN service can be enough to protect your transmitted data, but there are certain VPN disadvantages when it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. As an example, most consumer VPNs only hide the originating IP address from an Internet service provider (ISP) when a user sends a request to access a website.

Learn How VPN Works!

Imagine that you want to visit Dorks Delivered’s blog to learn more about VPN advantages. While your ISP would not see your traffic routed to our website, a consumer-level VPN provider will still have access to the information. This is one reason why you should consider an enterprise-level service, especially now that the Australian government legally spies on its citizens.

Why Corporate Services Are Better

Unlike a SaaS-centric VPN, the advantages of using an enterprise-level service include complete control of the VPN’s endpoints. In other words, there is a better chance of concealing your online identity and securing your transmitted data over the Internet.

Corporate VPNs usually function as separate local area networks (LANs) geographically connected to the public Internet. By choosing this option instead of leasing private lines connected to different offices, you can save money. This set-up is more suitable for businesses with two or more locations.

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Other VPN Pros and Cons

Some of the other VPN advantages include the ability to visit geoblocked websites like Facebook and Twitter in countries such as China. Another reason to use an enterprise-level VPN involves the increasing complexity of cyber-attacks. Hackers have become more sophisticated when attempting to steal information, particularly from private health care groups and finance organisations.

On the other hand, some of the disadvantages of VPN include slower connection speeds even if you use a paid service. You can solve this by switching to a modern, high-speed connection like gigabit fibre. Avoid using free VPNs because it not only slows down your Internet connection, but there is a chance that you might pick a provider with malicious intentions.

The Final Word

Not all of the VPN advantages will apply to your business when you just simply choose a service without consulting an IT expert, and not all companies have the same business requirements. Call us today to find out more about a custom solution for protecting your Internet traffic and online identity.


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