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How Much Sleep Do I Need to Be Productive

How Much Sleep Do I Need to Be Productive

How did you feel when you woke up this morning? What we’re going to talk about is sleep, why that’s important, why you’re more productive with more sleep and not too much sleep and not too little sleep that it’s not enough sleep.


The Goldilocks Amount of Sleep

So you woke up this morning, and you felt amazing or you didn’t and you felt like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Either way, you’re here and you’re listening to me. I might be distracting you from your work. Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. We’re here together and we’ve got a few minutes to talk and I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

What we’re going to talk about is sleep, and why that’s important, and why you’re more productive with more sleep and not too much sleep and not too little sleep that it’s not enough sleep. You have the right amount of sleep, just like Goldilocks. The Goldilocks amount of sleep.


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Thinking to Get a Cup of Coffee?

When you wake up, you feel feeling lethargic and your first thing is let’s get a coffee. Have a look online what coffee does to your brain, your brain on coffee. YouTube it and you will see that doesn’t sound very good. You’re actually making yourself worse.

And, I believe sleep works in stages. You have five stages of sleep. Not when you’re actually asleep. Obviously, you have REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, etc. I’m talking you go through a full cycle of sleep, and then another full cycle of sleep, and then another full cycle of sleep, and you get to a spot where your body is fully rejuvenated and you’re actually able to function and work properly.


Why You Get the 3 PM Lull

People that look through the day and go through the day going, “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” and then they get this uprising pickup and then they get the 3 PM lull. The 3 PM lull? That is your body running out of energy from the night of sleep prior and then you’re going from, let’s say five of sleep, you’re going down to stage four and then you get picked back up. And then from stage four maybe you continue, you go home, you’re watching TV, and then you run out of stage four. And then when you go to bed your body goes druuuu and it pulls this up, maybe a little bit of this one, enough to get you up to 3 PM again the next day.


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How to Cut Down the Amount of Sleep You Need

I know you can’t catch up on sleep, but you can catch up on repairing your body so you need less sleep. Think about the difference there. I was having 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night. Huge numbers.

1. Eat Less Meat, More Vegetables

Then I started cutting out all the different things in my diet, I was eating less meat, eating less wheat, eating lots of vegetables, three kilos of vegetables a day or more, an ingest of vegetables, and what I found was when I cut all that stuff out the amount of sleep required went down. I went from 12 hours and slowly it went down to 11, then it went down to 10, then it went down to 5, then it went down to 4 1/2 at night and about an hour to an hour and a half throughout the day somewhere. So about 6 hours overall and on a good day if I’m not doing anything too strenuous, I can crack out 5, 5 1/2 over a 24-hour period, and that is awesome. I have less sleep now, but it all came down to my diet and health of my body. You have to read your signs.


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2. Say No to Stimulants and Antidepressants

Try to cut out any stimulants in the morning and antidepressants before you go to bed. Don’t have alcohol. Don’t have cigarettes. Don’t have coffee. Start your morning with a beer, end your night with a coffee—don’t do that. That is much worse. That’s the worst advice you could ever have. Don’t have coffee at all. Try to stay away from coffee for one week. If you get to the 10-day mark, mate, if you get to the 10 mark and you’re around South East Brisbane, let me know. I’ll come over and congratulate you and we can have a beer together, or water, or something else. No coffee. Coffee is not great in how it masks your tiredness. It masks the way that your body works. If it was good for you, you can have as much as you want.


3. Avoid Too Much of Anything

Carrots, within reason obviously. If you have too much of anything, you have 10,000 kilos of carrots a day you’re going to die. 10, 20,000 litres of orange juice day has been lead to cancer. Yeah, you’re going to be pretty well shut down and dead drinking a third of a swimming pool in a day of orange juice. Make sure that you take things in moderation, any stimulants, cut it completely out for 10 days see what happens, see what happens to your sleep, you’d be very surprised. You’re going to feel hella tired for a few days and you’re still going to bounce back and then you feel better and more revived without coffee. No stimulants.

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