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How to Avoid Plagiarism on Your Blog or Website

How to Avoid Plagiarism on Your Blog or Website

How to Avoid Plagiarism on Your Blog or Website

How to Avoid Plagiarism on Your Blog or Website

If you’re still on holidays, you might be writing up some new content for your website. Even if you’re not on holidays, it’s a very sensible idea to do this, because the Google search engine rankings will go through the roof when they see a lot of changing content on your website. Whatever you do, don’t steal other peoples content. You want to write it yourself. I know you’re busy, it happens, but if you don’t have time to write yourself you can outsource work.

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Make Sure There Is a Reason to Visit Your Website 

If you have a website, and it’s something that you want to have customers being driven to, you want to make sure that there’s a reason for them to go there. A good example would be a blog or some content on the website that changing regularly that gives people a reason to come back to your site and a reason to remember you and your brand.

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I have a blog, and it works brilliantly. I can’t stress enough how fantastic the decision was to make a blog. Some people outsource it and that’s perfectly fine if that’s what you want to do. If you are the type of person that does outsource things like that, you want to make sure that the integrity of the work that’s being done is being done and has integrity. There’s a website called What it does is it actually shows you the similarities between a webpage that you have and a webpage that someone else might have. That way, you know that someone isn’t just ripping off the content of someone else.

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In Closing 

Google does not reward scam artists or people that are plagiarising. They will actually demote your website. So, make sure if you’re going to be going through and go to the expense if you’re not going to do it yourself, use a tool like Copyscape so you can make sure that you aren’t being ripped off, and the hard-earned dosh that you’re spending is going towards something of value.

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