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How to Reduce Recurring Expenses in Business

How to Reduce Recurring Expenses in Business-Dorks Delivered

How to Save Money From Your Recurring ExpensesHow hot is it? Christmas in Australia. Who thought of that? It’s rubbish. Way too hot to do any work but if you’re a business owner it’s a great time to catch up. One of the things that I love to do around this time because I don’t have any friends is, I love going through invoices on a reoccurring schedule and just making sure that you are getting the best deal because there’s a lot of hot deals out there in the hot summer’s heat.

Ring Around for a Deal

For whatever reason when you’re with someone for a little while they don’t always give you the best deal. A great example would be I paid $1380 a month for a service that after doing a bit of ringing around, I was able to get that dropped down to $460 a month. I thought I was going to have to change who I was with and whatever else but they ended up just giving me that price so I was pretty stoked.

It would have been better if they had just given me the hot deal that they are giving to all the new people instead of just giving the price that they had been giving me forever so I felt a little bit ripped off but it’s definitely a great time to be checking out everything. I myself have just changed electricity providers and that has saved me about $1000 personally per year. So that all adds up and it’s just something you can do with a beer in your hand or sitting by the pool if you go to work with your laptop.


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Save Your Expenses

Either way, it’s a very sensible idea just to pull the reins in so to speak, in this heat on some of your bills and reoccurring expenses. Make sure that you’ve got a bit more there for cash flow. Just a little tip today because I want to get back to the pool myself. Anyway, I’ll catch you later. Stay good.

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