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Josip Zirdum

Web Weaver

Josip set sail on his digital odyssey at the tender age of 10, launching his first website to champion his Extreme Bedroom Boxing League—a true pioneer from the start! His voyage into the vast world of web quickly blossomed into a passion, with him mastering the ropes of web design throughout his high school years, and further refining his skills at TAFE and University.

His journey took a brief tack when he explored the realms of high school teaching, but after a year, he realised his true calling lay in the uncharted waters of web development, where he soon took command full-time.

Always ready to navigate new challenges, Josip leaped at the chance to expand an Australian RTO in web design and digital marketing. This venture beautifully merged his knack for web development with his educational expertise, steering him towards the lucrative shores of digital marketing. Recognizing the perfect storm of opportunity and skill, Josip has since set his course in this direction, never once looking back.


Interests: birds, web design and development