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Josip Zirdum

Web Developer

A born entrepreneur, Josip built his first website at just 10 years old… to promote his Extreme Bedroom Boxing League, of course!

It wasn’t long before he gained a passion for the web. He learned his Web Design fundamentals throughout high school, and went on to further education at TAFE and University – where he continued to study all things web!

Throughout this period, he took a quick detour into becoming a high school teacher… for all of a year. Quickly realising that this wasn’t the path for him, he moved on to working in Web Development, full-time.

Always up for a challenge, when an opportunity arose to help grow an Australian RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in the world of web design and digital marketing, he was off to the races.

Josip soon realised that combining his web development skills with his educational background created a logical connection to the Digital Marketing field. Seeing the serendipity of what he stumbled upon, he has since never looked back!

Hobbies: Josip Likes Birds
Interests: Web Design, Web Development