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Mark Ong

Growth Hacker

Navigating the tech seas with nearly two decades of expertise in CX, Mark is our accomplished Growth Hacker at Dorks Delivered, celebrated for his knack for solving unique and intricate problems. With a seasoned mariner’s eye for detail and innovation, Mark steers through complex challenges, enhancing customer experiences and driving growth.

As the proud parent of a vibrant 4-year-old dynamo, Mark’s life is a delightful voyage of park escapades, bedtime story extravaganzas, and playful game time antics. When he finds a moment to himself, Mark embarks on pint-sized restoration odysseys, tinkering with handheld consoles and vintage smartphones, skillfully coaxing life back into the cherished relics of yesteryear.

Hobbies: E-waste restoration, TCG, Airsoft, videogames, reading books
Interests: CX, UX design, product management, web design, AI, science and technology, content creation, sociology, philosophy