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Maven Aguiflor


Setting sail from the dynamic shores of the BPO industry, Maven navigates the tech world with the precision of a seasoned cartographer. Known as our Techscribe, Maven’s decade-long voyage in customer service and problem-solving has honed her skills in steering through challenges and charting new solutions.

Never one to anchor in safe harbors, Maven thrives on the thrill of navigating uncharted waters, continually pushing her boundaries and exploring new horizons. As a natural team player, she sails smoothly with crews of diverse personalities, adapting her skills to ensure all hands are on deck for success.

When she’s not at the helm, Maven indulges in her passions for books, food, and travel. She relishes the chance to try new dishes and explore the pristine beaches of the Philippines, dreaming of future voyages to uncover the wonders of the world.


Hobbies: reading books, travelling, food tasting
Interests: psychology, sheets/excel, discoveries, and what ifs