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Maven Aguiflor


Ola! Maven is an organizational nerd, always thirsty for knowledge and adventure! Her decade of experience in customer service and problem-solving within the dynamic BPO industry made her always go above and beyond to assist others. 

This gal will never shy away from a challenge but will rather embrace stepping out of her comfort zone to gradually push her boundaries and explore new horizons. As a team player, she thrives in collaborative environments, happily adapting to work alongside diverse personalities. 

She’ll also ensure that she can make time to indulge in her passion for books, food, and travel. She loves to try new dishes and explore the beaches of the Philippines, with dreams of venturing further to discover the wonders of the world. 

Hobbies: Reading books, travelling, food tasting :)
Interests: Psychology, Sheets/Excel, Discoveries, and What Ifs