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A bit emotional here. I’m at the Little Rock National Historic Site, which is probably one of the biggest changes in history. 

In 1954, the US Supreme Court ruled that segregating black and white students was unconstitutional.

In 1957, a group of 9 black students were registered to join Little Rock Central High School, but there were huge protests.

The Arkansas Governor even sent the national guard to stop the black students from entering. President Eisenhower had to send in an army division to protect the black students and enforce the new, inclusive law.

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It’s exciting that a few people can make such a wonderful change, really sort of let you know the power of a single person or a small community and what you can make it as a change to an entire attitude.

It’s empowering. It’s wonderful. It’s a beautiful thing. It really makes you think of what you can do when you stand for something and bring your rights and what you feel together.

And it’s very, very sad that we live in a world with people have such things as segregation and alienation. Slowly but eventually, we are overcoming these things. We’ve got our legalised gay marriage now. We’re going to be getting very close to equal rights for everyone, but it’s still just a scary time when you think about that we lived in a world that didn’t exist just by default. It’s terrible, but we’re getting there, I guess, slowly.



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