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Are Conferences Just a Waste of Time?

Is Attending Conferences Worthwhile?

Unless they’ve just started out in business, most people have been to a few conferences in their life. If you’re the type of person who goes to lots of them or all of them and you think, ‘I’m going to get something from each of these,’ here’s the truth.

You don’t have to attend conferences to learn ways you can save on technology for your business.
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You’ve Been Attending Conferences, Now What?

If you go to a lot of conferences or all of them but you’re not implementing anything in your business, then all you’re doing is just wasting time—probably just spinning your tyres or even looking for an excuse.

What Are These Conferences For?

Most of the time they’re either personal development conferences or something to sell you something mostly. My personal opinion is they’re great in moderation.

Find Your Carrot and Chase It

You’ve got to try to find a reason to be in business and a reason that you love being in business. Chase that carrot, and make sure that you’re happy with what you’re doing. That is a really good reason to go to personal development conferences because ultimately, you want to have that fire. You want to have that desire.

The Final Word

Think about what drives you to succeed. Think about what you’d like to change in your business and what the roadblocks are, and it’s nearly never time. 99% of it is never time. You want to make sure that you just generally the best person, the best version of you that you can be, all the time.


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