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Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered

The Dollar IT Club is a new and innovative approach to IT support where everyone from start-ups to large companies can just pay for what they need with the flexibility to quickly scale with no strings attached.


Cheap Web Hosting Starting at A DOLLAR!

How much does it cost to host a website in Australia? At Dorks Delivered, everything you need to get your business online starts at $1

Join the Dollar IT Club to get access to our affordable suite of hosting products, including cheap Australian web hosting, backup, free SSL certificate, hack prevention, email accounts, security updates and maintenance, website revisions/changes and domain names.

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What is the best web hosting for a small business in Australia?

There are many web hosting providers in and out of Australia, and the best choice for your small business is one that is based in Aussie land. Choosing a cheap Australian web hosting plan gives you the three most important factors:

1. Speed

Your website’s speed will largely depend on the server’s capacity to process requests and the speed of the communication channel on the number of visitors or requests and volume.

For example, a website with 10 visitors at the same time can load quickly, but it will slow down when 200 people are on the website at the same time. Your business website should not slow down when you have more potential customers.

2. Stability

The common complaint we hear from businesses is that technology is either expensive or complicated so came up with a solution through our high-speed cheap Australian web hosting with high reliability. You want your website to be up and running 99.99% of the time—not just 98% or 99%—so it’s exactly what we’ll give you.

3. Support

With our cheap Australian web hosting, you can also expect and count on excellent support. Whenever you need help solving issues related to hosting, our technical support staff will be ready to assist you.

Get speed, stability and support when you choose from one of our cheap Australian web hosting plans. It’s where affordability and uptime guarantee meet!

We want to make things easier for you

that's why our pricing is so simple!

Businesses live and die by their IT setup. Technology makes our lives easier when it works, but when it doesn’t, it makes you question why you got into business in the first place. Our hosting infrastructure is Australian based, which means you get faster website speeds and more satisfied customers on your business website. It’s amazing how your choice of web hosting service can help support the growth of the Aussie economy.

We have different web hosting packages so we’re sure you’ll find one to suit your business needs. Learn more below!


Become a member today to have access to cheap Australian web hosting, software, hardware, and support as well as our full range of business-building in-person workshops and webinars.

To gain access to these fantastic web hosting deals and prices, you need to be a member of The Dollar IT Club$ 1/day FREE.

Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered
Business IT Support Services

Web Hosting

Rated number 1 cheap Australian web hosting for speed, reliability and flexibility. Check out our plans below!

Per Month / Per Website
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Up to daily backup, locally and offsite for all your information in case anything goes wrong, you have the peace of mind to know we’ve got your back…up!

Per Month / Per Website
Business IT Support Services

SSL Secure Your Website

An SSL Certificate secures your website, passwords, credit card numbers and most importantly your customer’s information when they are on your website. It can increase your Google position too!

Per Month / Per Website
IT solutions for business

Hack Prevention (Cloud Flare)

Prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic while allowing good traffic through and keeping websites, applications and your infrastructure highly available and performing for your visitors no matter where they are in the world. 

Per Month / Per Website
Business IT Support Services

Security Updates
and Maintenance

We make sure your website is up to date, everything is secure and any other maintenance you may need is done by experts. If something goes wrong while we are looking after it, we will rebuild the entire site for free. That’s the Dorks Guarantee!

Per Month / Per Website
IT solutions for business

Unlimited Website Revisions & Changes

Want to update your business hours on the website? Have a new staff member or just keen to get the good word out about that sweet new product? You get unlimited changes to your website for a fixed price so it will always be up to date. Just give us a call or an email with the details. 

Per Month / Per Website
Business IT Support Services

Domain Names

Are you paying $76.99 per year or more with other companies? We offer the best price guarantee on Australian domains. Compare our rate with quotes from other companies, and we will beat it. 

Per Month / Per Website

We'll be friends with so many benefits...

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Affordable and Simple

We made it easy! When it comes to getting Australian businesses online, we know our stuff. We know you want cheap Australian web hosting but you don’t like the jargon and complex pricing structure. Yet it’s hard to pay for something you can’t see and even harder to choose between multiple options so we made hosting simple. Check out our business web hosting plans! If you have questions, give us a call and a member of our staff will explain how it works.

business IT services - Dorks Delivered

Wholesale Hosting Prices

This isn’t a gimmick! We literally give you our access to take advantage of our buying power as an IT provider so you can purchase web hosting at the same rates we do (previously unavailable to the public). Guaranteed more cost-effective than any other web hosting provider!

Business IT Services Brisbane - Dorks Delivered

Wholesale Support

Save up to 50% on typical hourly IT support with the flexibility to increase or decrease your spend depending on the response time you need.

IT Development Services - Dorks Delivered

Sliding Scale Pricing

Upgrade/downgrade your web hosting plan at any time with our full suite of add-on packages which all stick to our simple pricing model.

Got questions?
We have answers!

Still not convinced? Contact us or give us a call at 07 3166 5465 or check out these Frequently Asked Questions!

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IT Security Audit Companies

Good question! Our pricing is more cost-effective than other Australian companies as we believe every business deserves the best at a fairer price. Our web hosting does not come from a server overseas but here at home in Aussie land. This means you get faster, more reliable cheap Australian web hosting than ever imagined. All prices are ex GST; per website, per month

As long as you have opted for backup, then yes! We back up everything 2-3 times a week at the minimum! Don’t be let down by other Australian web hosting companies that don’t back up your content regularly. We even offer extra backup to support your whole business and guarantee that you will have no downtime due to the loss of your information and hard work. Our team is also here 24/7 to answer any questions and assist you when you need someone to talk to.

A lot of Australian web hosting companies out there charge per year to be able to offer you a discount. We are giving you a discount upfront, month by month. We can’t offer you a refund beyond the first month but the good news is you are not locked in any longer than that anyway. So enjoy the ride and if there are ever any problems that you ever have, always feel free to give us a call and we are happy to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the outcome. If you want to see something changed in our service offerings, we are always here to have a chat!

Yes! We can offer you a complete Australian web hosting service and everything you need to make sure your business is covered. From security prevention and website maintenance to hack prevention and having your ranking go gangbusters. If you’d like to know what we can do for you, we are always happy to have a chat. We can customize packages to make sure you get exactly what you need!

Haha we get that, you are great at what you do and we do the voodoo that we do very well. If you have web hosting with someone else, Australian or not, and want to move to us, no problem! We can do that for you for free! What’s more, even if your web hosting is not up for renewal, we can still move you across and give you the remaining time left with them for free as well! How good is that!

Absolutely! That is to say, we will if we see that you genuinely need the additional items. We are all about risk mitigation. Don’t worry though…we have some of the most competitive prices around and always ask for you to get a second quote to show us so you can compare apples with apples. If the other quote is cheaper, we will beat it by 10%! Hmm, that sounds familiar…you can’t get a sausage here on a Saturday morning though!

Take Advantage of this great offer and join The Dollar IT Club for just

 $1/day  FREE and start saving on your Web Hosting costs!

Web Hosting Bargain

$ 4
per month
  • 5GB Webspace
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 4 Databases
  • 1 Website
  • 2 Free Stock Images

Web Hosting Business

$ 8
per month
  • 10 GB Webspace
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • 10 Databases
  • 3 Websites
  • 5 Free Stock Images

Web Hosting Best (Aussie Servers)

$ 12
per month
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 10 Free Stock Images
  • Cloud Network 300% Faster Speeds
  • Search Submit Google, Bing, Yahoo!
*All prices are ex GST & per user, per month. It is a requirement that every user within the business is covered under the agreement, ask us for more details 
*1 6 user minimum

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