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Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered

The Dollar IT Club is a new and innovative approach to IT support where everyone from start-ups to large companies can just pay for what they need with the flexibility to quickly scale with no strings attached.


Managed IT Services Starting at A DOLLAR!

We came up with the idea around a suite of managed IT services for $1 each because a common complaint we hear from the industry is how complicated and expensive the pricing structure for IT services is. Companies often feel they are paying too much for things that they don’t need or expect more than what they are really paying for. We wanted to offer a much even simpler way of letting business owners and managers choose all the bits they WANT with none of the stuff they DON’T so they can…wait for it… actually get what they pay for!

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The whole idea of IT support is to make things easier for you...

that's why our pricing is so simple!

Businesses live and die by their IT setup. Technology makes our lives easier when it works. But when it doesn’t, it makes you question why you got into business in the first place. Think of us as your peace-of-mind for hire, business-boosting, virtual fire-fighters.



Become a member today to access Guaranteed uptime at world-renowned rates for software, hardware, and support as well as our full range of business-building in-person workshops and webinars.

Dollar IT club - Dorks Delivered

IT Support

IT Support that includes maintenance, antivirus, program updates, security patching and a dedicated account manager. All of the stuff you need without any of the trimmings.

Per Day / Per Employee

Business Unlimited
IT Support

Everything that you get in the Bargain IT Support plan plus a whole bunch more. Anytime you call up with any type of support issue for your business we are here to help you out remotely.

Per Day / Per Employee

Better Business
Unlimited Support

Enjoy our premium offering that ensures everything is backed up including your uptime. We guarantee that your business will not go down and if it does we will pay you until we get it back up and running.

Per Day / Per Employee

We'll be friends with so many benefits...

business IT services - Dorks Delivered

Automated Remediation

This isn’t a gimmick. We literally give you our logins to take advantage of our buying power as an IT provider and purchase software and hardware at the same rates we do, previously unavailable to the public. Cheaper than any retail store!

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Wholesale Support

Save up to 50% on typical hourly IT support with the flexibility to increase or decrease your spending depending on the response time you need.

IT Development Services - Dorks Delivered

Sliding Scale Pricing

Upgrade/Downgrade your services at any time with our full suite of add-on packages which all stick to our simple pricing model.

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Still not convinced? Contact us or give us a call at 07 3166 5465 or check out these Frequently Asked Questions!

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Oh, no. Yeesh, wouldn’t that be a pain?! The whole concept is that all of our rates are chunked into easy-to-understand amounts (as close to a dollar as possible). Our displayed rates are all paid upfront. So if a service is $1 per month, it would be $12 per year upfront. The only exception is our IT support services and up-time guarantee plans, which are purchased upfront in blocks or paid per month (more about that below).

Absolutely! We’re here to tailor your requirements around what you need. If you have a few casual employees that only come in a couple of times a week that don’t need the same level of support as your C level executives then you shouldn’t be paying the C level prices that other IT companies push. You can pick between whatever package you require depending on the size of your business and how critical the IT requirements are of that staff member.

Is that a question? Oh, you’re impressed by the level of support you’re currently getting, totally understand!


We hear this a lot, the big thing we have found is you don’t know, what you don’t know until you know it, you know?
We are not here to destroy the relationship you have with your current IT provider but would love to be here to offer a helping hand at a price point that is fair and affordable for you. At an absolute minimum we always suggest to get a fresh set of eyes to look over some of your current and future business strategies to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck no matter what.

As Australia’s fastest-growing IT company in 2019, we grow when you grow. We know what our customers want. We do it differently. We listen! If you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome, we offer a complete refund. If you want to see something changed or a new service offering, talk to us.

Absolutely! That is if we see that you genuinely need the additional items. We are all about risk mitigation. Don’t worry though…we have some of the most competitive prices around and always ask you to get a second quote to show us so that you can compare apples with apples. If the other quote is cheaper, we will beat it by 10%. Hmmm, that sounds familiar! You can’t get a sausage here on a Saturday morning though!

Take Advantage of this great offer and join The Dollar IT Club for just

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Listen to what people have to say about Dorks Delivered and how we’ve helped their businesses. We have lots of great things planned to connect our members in new ways for collaboration, idea sharing and business referrals!


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Our Plans to Support Your Business

  Bargain Business Better
Monthly Price $ 49.99 
$ 30
$ 149.99 
$ 60
$ 199.99 
$ 90
Get Started Easily


Program Updates  ✔
Security Patching  ✔
Dedicated Account Manager  ✔
Unlimited Remote Support    x
Workstation Backups    x    x
Server Backups      x    x  ✔
Network Equipment Included     x    x  ✔
Financially Backed Uptime      x    x  ✔
Guaranteed Response Time    x    x  ✔
Dark Web Scanning and Reporting    x    x  ✔
Unlimited Onsite Support $ 30    x    x   Optional
Instant Response $ 30     x    x Optional 
Month-to-Month Contracts    ✔  ✔  ✔
*All prices are ex GST & per user, per month. It is a requirement that every user within the business is covered under the agreement, ask us for more details 
*1 6 user minimum

IT You Will Love To Work With

Here are some of the things we can do to help out your business

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Remote Monitoring and Management

With real-time Remote Monitoring and customizable notifications, we can show you what issues are surfaced so we can quickly focus on identifying and fixing critical situations.

business tech support


We can Identify, diagnose, and fix issues – fast. Between comprehensive Monitoring, real-time Alerts, and an extensive set of Maintenance tasks, we’ll fix issues before they even become problems.

business tech support

Best in class Communication

With built-in communication tools and a dedicated portal for you, we can offer better communication and insights into what we are doing to ensure you are happy with what you are getting done.

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Robust Reporting

With our reports it enables you to maintain line-of-sight to your entire business performance, while also letting you dive into the details of each of your devices.

Business IT Support Services - Dorks Delivered

Real-time Issue Monitoring and Notifications

We remotely monitor your devices for common issues with confidence and receive notifications in real time if anything occurs.

Small Business IT Support - Dorks Delivered

Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam

We can offer you iron-clad security at an unbeatable price and unbeatable peace of mind. If there is an alert, it goes to our centralised headquarters to be reviewed and resolved, no waiting around wondering if you are clicking the correct button

Managed IT Services Company


Our reporting can quickly gain insights about frequent issues, critical alerts and more. If there is an item you would like to report on, we can set up a reoccurring schedule for you to be emailed at an interval of your choosing. We can even customise them to make sure you get the most out of the information.

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State of the Art Dashboards

We have granular data points that go beyond and find true business insights in our extensive analytics suite, including live dashboards designed to report information key to your business such as employee metrics and utilisation.

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Patch Management

We take care of Windows Patch Management and all supported third party tools. Create regular schedules, we ensure to choose which updates to install or block, and get reports that tell you which patches are missing.

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2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company

2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company in Australia

2018 Small Business Award - Dorks delivered

2018 Queensland Small Business Award

2017 Young Business Award - Dorks delivered

2017 Young Business Award

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CHB Leader in Managed IT Customer Support