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Guide to Backlinking and Why It’s Important for Your Website

Guide to Backlinking and Why It’s Important for Your Website

Guide to Backlinking and Why It’s Important for Your Website 

If you use your website as a source of income, you want to make sure that you are driving traffic to your business organically and not just through word of mouth. You definitely need to make sure you’ve got a world-ranking website. There’s been a whole bunch of different episodes I’ve done which discuss how to get a website ranking a bit better and make sure that you’ve got a good website, but we’re going to be talking about how to use backlinks today specifically.  

What is Backlink? 

A Backlink is a link from someone else’s website that’s going to yours. It sounds simple enough, but let’s say that you’ve got a makeup business, and you’re wanting to promote your business. If you were to go and contact L’oreal, or Maybelline, or whoever else and you said, “Hey, I need you guys to send a link to my website,” these people are probably just going to laugh at you and be like, why would we do that?  

How to Encourage Backlinking 

What you need to do is make sure that you’ve got really great, engaging content on your website that’s relevant, and maybe even using their products. Then if you send them a link saying, “Hey, we’ve got this thing that we’ve made. It’s all about your products and how they’re reshaping our industry” they could be like, oh, this sounds pretty good, and they may mention you. They may link to you.

They may say that you’re a partner, or they may elevate your position that you have with them. Depends on exactly how big of a fish you are. 

Who to Target 

You want to make sure that whoever you’re having doing the backlinks to your website is a bigger fish than you and they’ve got more traffic going to their website because that is what’s going to give you more results. You don’t want to have these little fish talking about you. That’ll still help a little bit, but the way that backlinking works is that if they’ve got say a million people coming to their website a month, and you’ve got 100 people coming to your website a month, when they talk about you, some of their success will rub off on you, not with their customers, but with the Google ranking. This will then push you up in the ranking, which is awesome and that’s what you want.

Network Within Your Industry 

Know who the industry leaders are, and anyone that you could see to where there are some parallels. Maybe you’ve got a similar customer base, but you’re not competing with each other, and you could set up a joint venture, where you’re both rubbing each other’s back, so to speak. Doing this will allow both of your businesses to grow. Again, as long as you’ve got great engaging, content. A great place to find things that people are searching about is by keeping up to date on blogs. You can look through different industry blogs and go okay, this is all really good stuff. Take that information and then write a blog about it, and answer their questions. Leave it in the comments saying, “Hey, check this out. This could be relevant for you.”  

In Closing 

You want one or two dozen backlinks per article ideally, and hundreds over the whole website, as long as they’re all relevant. If they’re not relevant, it’s not going to help your ranking and page views increase as much. I hope this has been useful. Good luck! 

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