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Why Are Smart People Smart and Dumb People Dumb?

respect individual learning differences

For some, having an omnipresent digital version of ourselves has been easy. Thanks to the pervasiveness of advance technology and wireless Internet, there is barely any question that goes unanswered and no demand for knowledge clarification is not affirmed. Because of the privilege of accessibility, we all feel that we are the go-to-person and we act as though we have been everywhere and that we have experienced everything. We forget that it is possible to recognize individual differences when it comes to learning ability. We must admit that many of us feel like we are left out or that we are having difficult times to catch up because we put limits on our potential. But there are ways to improve ourselves and learn new things. In this episode, Joshua Lewis shares with us how we can change up our personal choices to improve learning. 

Why Are Smart People Smart and Dumb People Dumb?

Why are smart people smart and dumb people dumb? It’s a statement that doesn’t sit strongly with me, does not sit well with me at all, because I believe everyone has the same ability and the same drive and the same motivation to get to where we go. The main difference is the way one person thinks and works could be very different from the way that you think and work.

Albert Einstein once famously said, and I’m probably going to quote this wrong now, “But if you judge the intelligence of a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you’ll forever think the fish is stupid.” That is a very smart way of thinking about things. Fish are very different to monkeys and you want to make sure that you’re talking to someone the way that they understand what you’re saying. You’re relating to them on the same level as them and that does not mean on a lower level. It just means on a shifted level in a way that they understand.

Compounding Knowledge

respect individual learning differencesI’m probably digressing from what I wanted to talk about here. Knowledge compounds. Just think about that for a moment. Knowledge compounds.

When you learn something, your mind, once that’s become ingrained, allows for you to see different similarities and ways that, that skill or that information can then be used in other places. So imagine if you didn’t know how to, to read, write and speak. It would limit the number of other things that you’re able to do. You wouldn’t be able to go through and drive a car because you wouldn’t be able to read the signs. You wouldn’t be able to tell someone when you’re hungry very easily through, I guess what would be considered the standard method, so you would be limiting yourself. But by learning that the core basic primary skills that allow us to start to communicate with other humans, you can then start compounding and building on that and that goes for everything.

Thinking for Yourself

When you start learning more mathematics and more things about history and more things about everything, you’re able to use that information inside cases and you think, “Oh man, I don’t need this mass,” when you’re at school possibly. And then all of a sudden you go, “Actually, I do.”

The more you learn, the faster it compounds on itself and it makes everything else easier in life. So I would love all of you to go back and have a think about how you worked at school and did you do your best and if you had done a little bit more, would that have meant that you could have learnt a little bit more now and would that have made your process faster?

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No Such Thing as a Dumb Person

So there are no dumb people and there are no smart people. We all have the same amount of hours. Everyone complains they don’t have enough hours. So that’s something we all have in common. The major difference is if you’re able to teach yourself to learn quickly and that comes just by learning, it compounds on itself, you’re able to upskill quicker. Like the matrix kind of I guess to a lesser degree. When you have Keanu Reeves jump in there and he gets plugged in and then he knows origami. I’m sure that’s what he learnt.

Anyway, the ability to learn and have that compounded upon what you’re doing makes everything else easier. If you’re able to teach yourself to read a book in a day, a book in four hours or something like that, you’re able to absorb all that knowledge and then instantly be able to get yourself further ahead and further in front of everyone else, if you continue doing everything you’re doing today, you can be guaranteed to have the same results tomorrow.

Change Up Your Life to Improve Learning

never stop learningChange up the way that you’re approaching a situation if you want to have different results. So think about what it is that you want to achieve. How would you go about achieving that? Look at it as the future. Think of it as the dream.

Once you’ve got the dream, once you’ve got this feeling, this ambition, work out the steps beforehand, that’s then your plan. Once you’ve got those steps, look at how you go about executing each step and then mark one off at a time and now it becomes your reality.

Knowledge compounds on knowledge.

Success compounds on success.

Money compounds in your bank. If we had great interest rates it would compound a bit quicker, but at the moment, money compounds in your bank. The more that you can do now, the more benefits you’re going to have later.

The Final Word

So think about what it is that you’re doing and is that a task that’s going to make you a better person tomorrow? Is watching the latest episode of Orange Is the New Black or Game of Thrones, is that going to leave you at an advantage tomorrow? Playing that new expansion pack of that game, is that going to leave you at an advantage tomorrow? And then look further ahead. Is it going to leave you at an advantage in 12 months time, in 10 years time? And if you don’t care and you’re happy with where you’re coasting along, that’s totally cool too. But just think about what you want to achieve, what your objectives are, and if you want to achieve those and get through those, change around the way that you’re doing it, and look at the things that are taking up time that is getting in the way of that. That includes listening to podcasts.



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