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How to Achieve Your Goals Next Year

How to Achieve Your Goals Next Year-Dorks Delivered

It’s now the start of a new year, so that means a new you and new business. So really grab it by the horns and get really excited about it because you want to achieve these things. Set your new year’s resolution, and this year you’re going to achieve it. I’m going to help you do that!

Make sure that you start with a few different lists. I love lists! I normally have a long-term goal list, and that could be anything. It could be a turnover amount. It could be saving for a holiday. It could be whatever you want it to be, but something that’s special to you.

When you’ve got this long-term goal list, work out a couple of steps behind. What you might need to do to achieve those goals. Let’s say you want to make sure that you’ve got enough processes in place to be able to go on holidays or give yourself a little bit more freedom, maybe step away from the business for a bit. Think of just one task that you can automate.



What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

man writing something on the whiteboard

If your long-term goal is to step away from the business for a bit, it can be as simple as just writing down what you do each day and then thinking about how you can write that into a document or make a video on that. Ultimately, this is going to let you offset that task to someone else in the future. If you’ve got it written down and you’ve committed that to memory, that you’ll do that task, you can then have someone else start to do that task, or at least know all the different tasks that you need to do routinely.


Remember to Think About Short-Term Goals Too

Set small goals too. That could be something as simple as, “I’m gonna start having someone else replace the ink toner.”  That could be something simple that you might have to do at the moment.

And then you set bigger goals, “I wanna go on holidays for a month or two months or three months and not have the business go down,”  because if you’re on holidays, you don’t wanna be mucking around with your business. That’s not a holiday. That’s just working abroad, and it’s not as fun. It doesn’t have that same personal touch.


If one of your goals is to improve your team’s productivity and business efficiency, let’s turn IT into a utility! 


The Final Word

Make three different lists:

  • Short-term goals – something you want to achieve this week
  • Medium goals – something you’re going to achieve this month
  • Long-term goals – something you’d love to be able to look back on with a beer in next new year.

Stay good!

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