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Is It Time to Change Your Marketing Plan? business man writing a business strategy

Marketing. We’re back. What if you put in every single piece of marketing advice you’ve ever been given? Everything. How do you think it would change your business? How do you think it would change the way everything would operate? What if you did it all at once?

What If You Do Every Marketing Technique You Know

At exactly the same moment, you said, “Boom. I’m now on social media. I’m doing email campaigns. I’m in the Yellow Pages, White Pages, billboards, bus stops, everything, everywhere.” You’re calling up your clients, you’re calling up your leads. You’re calling up old clients. You’re calling up everyone. You’re calling up your nana and you’re asking her to see if anyone else in the retirement home needs whatever it is the services that you’re offering. You are absolutely going gangbusters. You’re a champion on LinkedIn. You’ve got Facebook going nuts. For whatever reason, you’ve got Instagram, even if it’s a business-to-business business. And everyone is everywhere, and you’re communicating with all of them at the same time. Your AdWords spend is thousands of dollars a week.

How do you think it would change your business? Where do you think it’d take it? You need a lot more staff to manage all that, obviously. It’d be very hard to account for it all. If you’re just talking for no reason, you’re not going to get anywhere in the business. You’re just talking and no one’s listening. You’re talking to a dead audience. You need to make sure that you have sniper marketing. Know who your ideal customer is. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you’re going to have to work it out.

We Started 12 Years Ago

We started off in this business in 2007. Twelve years ago, I didn’t really know as much as I know now. I know a lot more now, and I had to. I came into the business as a technician—a bloody good one at that—but I had to learn how to market myself. I had to learn how to market the business. I had to learn how to talk to people. I had to learn how to jump out of my comfort circle.

Sell Something That People Need

One of the best things that I learnt was how to market to someone that needs your service. Don’t sell ice to an Eskimo. They don’t need ice. Sell ice to someone that needs ice. There are lots of people out there that need your service. And if there isn’t, reconsider what your service is. Repackage it into something else that is more appropriate for people to want. Otherwise, what are you doing? Get out of business. Change your business. Pivot it to something else. Sell it. Engage in a joint venture. Do something else.

Believe in Your Product or Service

But if you’re onto something and you believe in your product, you just need to find a client that believes in you and your product as well. When it comes down to it, we’re all salespeople. We say we’re not, but we are. We’re selling what we believe in. We’re not selling in this term like a used car salesperson saying, “Ah, there’s a good deal here. You’ve got to get onto this. You’re going to love it, low kilometres, hardly any damage.” No. We’re not that. We’re not that guy, or you shouldn’t be.

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You should be the person that you believe in your product so strongly, that when you start talking about it, you get excited and you start talking quickly and you can’t help yourself, but just talk about it for ages. I have been told by many prospecting customers, “Slow down. We can see you like what you’re talking about.” And I do. I genuinely love helping people, and I love what I do in business. You need to make sure you have the same passion and to find the customers that have the same passion. Look at the people that you resonate really, really well in business with, and think about how they work with you and what their similarities are between the different clients.

If you have a pie shop and you notice that a lot of women come in and smile and are really, really happy about it, maybe the pie is, for whatever reason, maybe it’s the community that you’re in. But they gravitate towards women more than they do men. I don’t know.

For us, we didn’t pick our audience. Our audience picked us and we found that 45-to-60-year-old males in a decision-making role seemed to be pretty well on the money. There’s a lot of other details, but we’re not going to go into all of it.

Just Think About Who Your Ideal Client Is

Who your Bob is. Make sure you write it down and go “My Bob is ___” or “My Betty is___” and this is all the different things. This is where they go on holidays. This is why they go on holidays. This is why we do business with them and this is why they do business with us.

When you get all this great information down and you can get that into one spot, you can start targeting your marketing. You don’t have to market to everything. Just market to a few select groups. It might be networking meetings that are in the same locations that these people go. It could be anything but just think outside the box as to how you should be advertising. I would not suggest spamming every social media and network and every single thing in your more traditional media all at the same time because:

• You can easily spend a hundred to $200,000 on it.

• You’re not going to see much result from it if you just go shotgun marketing.

Do Sniper Marketing

Sniper marketing is where it’s at. Make sure you know your customer and talk straight to their ear because they’re going to be ready to listen. Make sure you’re ready to solve their problems.

Stay good.

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