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How to Stop Spam Emails This Holiday Season

How to Deal With Spam this Holiday Season

Did you know that billions of spam emails are sent daily? In September 2021 alone, reports say that nearly 106 billion emails were sent worldwide and 89 billion of them were spam emails.1 As Christmastime approaches, you’re going to notice more spam emails coming in and perhaps you may also get spam emails. That’s because these people want to market to you and they want to bombard you to make you buy the stuff you don’t want or need. So how do you stop spam emails this holiday season? 

Why You Must Stop Spam Emails

block spam emailsSpam emails are unsolicited messages. Some send spam for advertising purposes, while others send spam with the intention to steal your personal and financial information so we totally understand if you want to stop spam emails. In fact, you must stop spam emails and this holiday season is the best time to do it. So let’s get started with tidying up your inbox, that is, delete spam emails that are already there, and stop spam emails from coming in. 

Clean Up Your Inbox 

Most people tend to just delete or archive spam emails but that’s not the route you want to take if your ultimate goal is to stop spam emails. This holiday season, you may have enough time to go through your emails and set up your inbox so that it gets fewer spam emails in the coming years. 

Cut Down On Your Email Lists

First, go through your inbox and open the emails considered spam. Before you delete them, look for the Unsubscribe button at the top or scroll down at the bottom. This will get a bunch of emails that’ll be gone for the rest of this year and the next one.

Report the Spam Emails to Stop Them

Most email clients like Outlook and Gmail have an icon that makes it easy for you to report spam emails. Once reported, your email client will try to prevent that same sender from sending you any emails in the future. 

Block the Sender 

If you use Outlook, you can block the senders of spam emails to stop them from sending you spam emails. Just right-click on the spam email and hover your mouse pointer over to Junk. Then select Block Sender. 

Get a Spam Filter

If it’s your business email address that’s getting a lot of spam emails, talk to your email service provider for spam protection. Here at Dorks Delivered, we offer premium email services for only $1 per week per inbox, and that already includes spam protection, antivirus, and malware protection in addition to backup and sync features. 

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