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What You Need to Know About Hypnosis

woman who had a good night sleep

What Can Meditation Do for You? woman who had a good night sleep

Today, we’re going to talk about the hypnotic trance. I’m going to be talking about the hypnotic trance and your mind health and meditation and what it does for you.

Look Into My Eyes

A lot of people go, “Uh, hypnosis, that won’t work on me. I’ve tried hypnosis, it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t even work.” That’s fine if that’s what you think, but the important thing is that’s what you think and you are right. It will not work on you. 100% right! That’s because it’s all within your mind. Everything is in your mind.

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and I believe strongly in mind health. A lot of people aren’t believers of hypnosis and how it all works, but we’re going to expel all of those myths.

No one can control your mind. They can only guide your mind in a way that will work for you, that you already want to have happened. If you want to quit smoking and you genuinely want to quit smoking, hypnosis will work 100%. In the past, people have been hypnotized to not feel pain in certain limbs that have been operated on and that was standard practice and that worked perfectly fine.

Hypnosis Is Real, Meditation Is Real

For any of those nonbelievers, the way that you can see and apply this to your life and your mindset…If you’re sitting in front of a fire, when you’re out camping or wherever, in the lounge room, looking at the fire, just looking at it, there’s something hypnotic about it.

There’s something that is relaxing and brings an overall balance over your body. You feel yourself relaxing and feeling comfortable with yourself. Everything feels empowered when you’re looking at this flame, and you don’t know why, but you just feel so relaxed and at ease. That itself is close enough to be an entry-level step into what it is to be hypnotized or meditate.

If you don’t believe in that stuff, set up a candle and just look at the candle. Just stare at the candle. Stare at the candle for 15 minutes with no other distractions. If you’ve got a family that’s really noisy, go to the garage. Try it. Just go somewhere away from them just for a little bit, 15 minutes, and just stare at the candle, and then think about your days and reflect on your day and bring yourself to a conclusion for the day.

What did you achieve? What were you grateful for? What do you want to achieve tomorrow?

Doing these things and setting these lists in your head of what you’ve done gives you self-affirmation and gives you the courage to achieve the things tomorrow. Doing these things is in itself a form of meditation and a form of hypnosis.

The Real Hypnosis

Hypnosis doesn’t have to be about turning into a chicken or anything like that. Hypnosis is all about having a better health level in your mind and a better health perspective. Hypnosis, for me at least, is especially important in business.

Looking through and understanding what I’ve done throughout the day, reflecting on it and then knowing what I’m going to be pushing for for the next day is amazing. The power that I get from that. Going to sleep with a problem, wake up with an answer. A strong quote I believe in. Never go to sleep angry. Always go to sleep happy. Go to sleep accomplished. And, breathe deeply.

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